How To Find Your Personal Style: A 5 Step Guide

Personal Style. A buzz word in the world of fashion and fashion blogging. But, is it really that easy to define? It’s pretty obvious a phrase with the word personal in it, does not have one single definition for every person. That is the beauty in personal style. It doesn’t necessarily have to be all about the materials, the brands, the colors, the fit – it’s a combination of those in addition to you owning it and rocking it. You may be better off wearing your dad’s old Levi’s T-shirt and a pair of jeans from a thrift shop that fit you in all the right places, rather than fitting into an expensive pair of pants off the rack, that really don’t do much for you. It could be that you rock the Levis shirt, killer heels and bag, and your favorite jacket you got while traveling, and mix it all up. Really, it all goes down to what catches your eye, what you feel comfortable in and what shows your personality, Because after all, the only rule in fashion is that there are no rules, right? Now you are asking yourself what your personal style is? Make sure you hit these 5 steps when defining your personal style, and remember, there’s no rules. Just inspiration, good signature pieces, lots of creativity and comfort and risk taking at the same time.

1. Inspiration.

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Think back to middle school. Did you ever cut pictures of magazines out and tape them onto your wall? Well, we wont judge you if you still do it now. We actually encourage you. Style is something that has no boundaries. Since you can mix and match anything, from prints, to textures to fit, the possibilities are endless. Some of the most interesting styles are the ones that are composed of bad-ass biker boots and a girly dress. Or extra long bell bottoms with an extra long jacket to match. Style is not only the combinations of the clothing, it’s the mood it gives when you wear it and when people see you in it. The vibes.

So, the first step is to get your inspiration flowing. Take a look at celebrities, ads in magazines, photos on Tumblr and Pintrist, or people watch at a nice cafe. Inspiration comes from anywhere, and the more you pinpoint it, the more you get to visualize it, and execute it. Weather it be on your wall, documents on your computer, or a wish list online – find what sticks out to you, what inspires you, and let that be the first step in finding your personal style.
2. Signature items

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Get some pieces that really stand out to you, and try to wear them as much as you can. Nothing is worse when your think you’re going to wear those cute booties or boy-cut jeans, and then you find them just sitting in your closet. When you’re searching for these pieces be bold, but be smart. Depending on your lifestyle, sometimes 6-inch heels are not the most practical (okay, let’s be real – they never are but worth the sacrifice in some cases).

Be smart when shopping and buy pieces you know that you’ll wear. Vests are a good example because they can be layered up when its cold, and are good for the in between seasons. You can never go wrong with bags and shoes, but make sure they are functional. But don’t forget to be bold. Make sure they are statement pieces. Life is too short to wear boring heels.
3. DIY

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This is the part where you are your own designer. Don’t worry. Very few sewing skills required. With the growing amount of DIY tutorials at our figure tips, we can really make anything. This is the best way to get pieces that really define you. Pieces that no one will have, and will give you the extra bit of satisfaction when someone compliments you on them. This is where some of your creativity can really be put to work.

Take some old clothes that you were going to throw away anyways, and try some new things. The worst that can happen is that you have a couple of cut up t-shirts you can use as rags, or jeans you can then convert to a choker, or a patch on some other jeans. This is a trend that’s becoming more and more utilized, and luckily it’s one that can really help you discover your creativity, and therefore your personal style.
4. Comfort

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No one looks good checking their outfit every 5 minutes and worrying if they look okay. Sorry to say, but this is the most obvious way to make your outfit not look good. Make sure you’re comfortable in your clothes and that they fit well. This is a  must when defining your style. Not only this, but make sure you’re comfortable with wearing it. If a dress has a slit  that goes too high for your liking, or the flairs on your jeans are a little bit too big, then just don’t wear them.  It’s much better that you’re comfortable and know you’re slaying your outfit, rather than worried it’s too bold.
5. Try New Things

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You know that nothing ever comes from your comfort zone right? Yes, of course you need to be comfortable when it comes to clothes, and wearing something you’re not comfortable in is never fun. But it’s best that you push away from what you’re comfortable in and try new things. This is what defines your voice for your personal style. This is what makes you develop your style more and more. Who knew that you loved wearing pink sparkly sandals one day, and snake skinned stilettos the next? Style is something that has no rules, so why create any limitations? Style is speaking without saying anything. So we encourage you to get your voice out and play in the world of no limitations. Own it and rock it.