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Actress, model, and social media influencer, Jessica Markowski is a triple threat. Combining her interest in style, design and fashion, Jessica has create the ultimate career for herself. Everyday she gets to wake up and do the things that she loves the most. Its awesome! But what’s even better is the conversation I had with Jessica discovering more about her start, some of the ups and downs she has faced and her future plans.

“Influence is just using social media to my best advantage to show everyone what it is that I do.” -Jessica Markowski

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While speaking with Jessica, I learned that she got her start after being recruited by a modeling agency. This launched her deep into the world of fashion and truly captivated her. But it wasn’t her first encounter with fashion. That would be credited to her grandmother. “When my grandmother came over to America [from Poland], she was passionate about tailoring and worked as a seamstress. So for me, fashion was always something important and putting your best foot forward,” Jessica says.

“I would describe my style as minimal, chic, effortless and elegant.” -Jessica Markowski

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Overcome and Achieve

As we continued to converse, Jessica mentioned a challenge that she had to overcome that was very interesting to me. As a first generation American, she sort of struggled with figuring out her identity. “ I was always in the space of I didn’t know if I was more Polish or American. My childhood was always difficult in identifying who I was, but it made me stronger now that I look back at it. I always had to try harder to fit in but all in all it made me into the person I am today,” Jessica explains.

Speaking of the person she is today, Jessica has been highly successful and she takes a lot of pride in all of her accomplishments. “There’s not any moment that I live that I don’t appreciate what I have done,” Jessica emphasizes. And believe me there is alot that she has done. Between booking roles on tv shows, creating campaigns, and modeling for catalogs, Jessica is always working and striving to do more! But Jessica expresses that the biggest reward of all has been being her own boss!

“The fashion industry isn’t as easy as people think. Some people think ‘oh she’s so pretty, she’ll book anything’ but in reality you go to all these audition [maybe 10 or 20] and only book a couple. It takes a lot of work!” -Jessica Markowski

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Jessica is sure to have a bright future. She’s hard working and so dedicated to her dreams. When I asked her what’s next, I found that she really just wants to continue on her journey and let it lead her to wherever the final destination may be! “Every single day is like a new chapter in my life, so everyday is something new and surprising,” Jessica exclaims!

Jessica Markowski