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“To me, it feels so obscure that I’ve found myself operating my own blog. A blog that allows me to direct, shoot, style, design, write copy, edit and deliver freelance content and projects in collaboration with brands. Everything I have ever wanted in one job, and it does get me excited. A job that you love? It’s something that we rarely find, I suppose. Lucky me. I get to wake up, plan my own days, liaise with brands I grew up loving, working closely with my agent and The Co. Collective to plan and secure future creative projects.” -Jordan Turner

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For as long as Jordan could remember, working in the fashion industry has always been the goal. And it was the women in his life that further fueled this desire! “I always said from as early as I can remember that when I grew up I wanted to be a fashion designer. I was fascinated by the glamour of my Grandmother, and the distinctly quirky style of my Mother, and I remained really interested from there on. My Mum would often park in front of Wedding Dress stores allowing me to sketch what I saw in their shop windows from the backseat of her car.  Before long I went through my teenage phases and started developing my own style to what it is today,” Jordan says.

Jordan went on to pursue his dreams after having a great revelation about what he wanted to do. At the time, his full-time job wasn’t giving him the satisfaction he was looking for, so he quit and began a path to self-employment. “I worked in admin after I finished school, travelled Europe for 6 months, came back and started a health and fitness group with my best friend, leaving it to work in a business school dedicated to Entrepreneurs, and finally coming to the realisation that I want to work for myself and my family. I quit my full time job in January 2017, and have never regretted it since. I now work with Australian Brands such as Jac+Jack, Country Road, and Assembly Label quite regularly,” Jordan shares.


Growing up in Australia has certainly had an impact on Jordan’s style. So I asked him to share a little bit about the Aussie way of doing things. “In Australia, we have a very clean, minimal style. We’re huge lovers of the 90s, and simple looks. As a beach Country, linens and basics are almost a national uniform – that and athleisure wear! I feel as though this is a big influence for me, but I also take lots of inspiration from the Italians. Luxurious fabric shirts, tucked into tailored pants with an accompanying pair of leather slippers, and all the Gucci you need. I also vibe from a lot of the streetwear and personal style coming out of New York,” Jordan explains.

While that explains a little about his style, I couldn’t ignore his entrepreneurial spirit. He wasn’t hesitant to say that his mom has a lot to do with that. “My mother is the owner of one of the Top 10 bookstores in the world – according to National Geographic that is. She’s the founder and owner, of our little bookstore cafe in Bondi Beach which has become the most unique spot in the entire suburb. As she was a single mother and business owner, I spent a lot of time there with her watching every single personality you could imagine walk through the door. A lot of her staff were the subjects of my cards, drawings, designs… and impromptu performances – don’t ask, {laughs}. I think having all that creative expression made me feel very comfortable and validated,” Jordan says enthusiastically.

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Everyone has that pivotal moment in life where it’s like “aha, I made it!” For Jordan he realized that all his dreams had come true when he has the pleasure of working with GQ, yea that’s right THE GQ! “No other milestone is more necessary than being able to be able to visit the HQ, hang with the designers, and work with my favourite brand, Jac+Jack. Every season, every garment, every year is perfect to me. Not a day goes by where I don’t have at least one part Jac+Jack on me.

Being a part of the Dior Homme first Australian pop-up and being able to sport a gorgeous outfit fresh off their Paris Runway was an incredible experience. Being the very first male blogger to work with renown Australian brand Country Road is something I’m really proud of too.

I partnered with GQ Australia this year to be part of their first line-up of the GQ Insiders initiative which I am still so excited about! There’s a lot of power in print and I’ve always looked to them for news in men’s fashion so being able to join forces has been a dream.

There’s still so much work to do but they are a few highlights I’m proud of,” Jordan says.

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What style/fashion accessory is your favorite?

Rings! I have 5 rings that I rotate dependant if I’m wearing gold, rose gold, or silver. I have my Dad’s wedding ring when I’m wearing Gold, my Grandfather’s ring with his initials on it in Rose Gold, and a few very fine silver rings.

If you can/could consider yourself an expert in one area of style/fashion, what would it be?

Layering. Winter is my favourite season, and layering is the best part. Combining textures, fabrics, and layering colours under dramatic coats to make crisp and cool outfits. I love it!

Can you give me a tutorial on how people can best incorporate that style/fashion advice in their life?

Keep it tonal, and keep it simple. I find that different shades of the same colour work really well.

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Jordan Turner