Christina Caradona

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French – American style influencer, actress, & model (triple-threat 🙌) Christina Caradona….. Oh yeah, I forgot – blogger at Trop Rouge (quadruple-threat) Expresses her uniquely classic mixed with Indie style through her blog and instagram.

I think that her approach to fashion is so far away from the categorical boxes that other style influencers are doing that she’s created a category of her own

My guess is that Christina’s French culture has allowed her the freedom to explore her look in a way that is completely out of any box.

I don’t think that the French put themselves in a box when it comes to how they look and how they decide to live their lives. The lack of self criticism opens up a world of creativity and expression.

“Fashion is saying who I am without saying anything. I feel like someone said that already but it’s such a good quote. It’s a way for someone to see who I am without even talking to me.”
– Christina Caradona