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“Since I was little I was passionate about fashion. I remember that I got really upset with my mother every time she didn’t let me choose my outfit. Since I was three years old I loved experimenting with different styles but I never imagined that I will become  a fashion influencer. Everything happened by accident.” -Pauline

Accidents happen and sometimes they turn out for the best. For Pauline, that happy accident led her to a satisfying career. With no intentions of working in the fashion industry, Pauline found a niche as a fashion blogger.  Everything started in Barcelona. Pauline was living and studying there, and found that she had a lot of free time. While she was in Barcelona the first bloggers started to emerge and Pauline admired what they were up to. So, she decided to create a blog herself. Originally she didn’t want anyone to see what she up to, ‘it was sort of just for kicks”, she says. As she described her experience, she compares the original intentions of her blog as sort of like a diary from her time spent in Barcelona. But then, people started to find her blog and a following began. Eventually, the blog became more geared toward her love of fashion, and from there her fashion career took off.

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“It’s a really fun job and although I love fashion I also love to spread positive messages to people. It’s amazing to know that you are influencing others to become a greater version of themselves, not just having great style. Also I love how many trips and events you are invited to.  You get to know so many interesting people too,” Pauline exclaims!

Personal Style

Pauline definitely has a bold style. She knows how to go for a risk and pull it off. The best part of her style, is that Pauline realizes that style is not meant to be static. She isn’t afraid to switch it up. “My personal style changes a lot. I’m not the girl who dresses the same everyday,  you can see it by how often I dye my hair. I love experimenting with different styles and personalities, I think as a human being you should try everything, not to find yourself but to find different parts of yourself. That’s the beauty of contrasts,” Pauline explains.

Because she isn’t afraid to change it up a bit, she loves to find new ways of discovering new style. According to her, she finds inspiration everywhere. She gets inspired by magazines, movies, models or even people she just met.

“ I have changed my style from bohemian to classic to minimal to fashion victim to dark. I think I have tried everything, it’s really fun.” -Pauline

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Future Plans

Just as her style, Pauline allows her career to evolve as well. While she started as a fashion blogger, she now defines herself as a lifestyle blogger. She admits that she has a really peculiar way of living, but it’s filled with fun, love and keeps the attention of her followers. “Since many years ago, I began to feel too connected with the Universe.  I’m always trying to bring magic to my life. But it seems to be the more I share my way of seeing the world the more people follow me,” Pauline happily shares.

And while her blog clearly brings her a lot of joy, she wants to expand and really have an impact on the lives of many. “I want to create a mind institute, a place where I can create services and products that can make people’s lives better. Especially now, when I consider we are starting a new era where we are realizing that we are more than a human, we are vibratory energy beings. I will love to take advantage of my audience and start creating this project that probably will start with a book.”

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What style/fashion accessory is your favorite?

I love all the accessories.  For me, they are much more important that clothes because they give your outfit the personality. I’m really into bags, shoes, hats, and jewelry. I feel naked without accessories.

If you can/could consider yourself an expert in one area of style/fashion, what would it be?

Fashion Marketing, I find really interesting to know how to sell brands, especially luxury ones. I think that’s the coolest skill to influence people. Of course I’ll use it for good purposes not just to sell products.

Can you give me a tutorial on how people can best incorporate that style/fashion advice in their life?

I think that to have a great style you need two things:

One is to develop your “eye skills”. Start seeing movies, muses, art everything that can inspire you. The more good photos or images you see the more great tastes you’ll develop.


Two. Know yourself, believe in you and your decisions no matter what other people tell you. Only wear what makes you comfortable and love yourself. Try to be confident, that’s the best ingredient for having style.

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