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Living your best life inside and out; that was Yasmin Elzomor and I talked most about when we got together. Let me just say, Yasmin radiates with positivity. Her calming spirit is definitely reflected in her sweet, simplistic style. Admittedly, Yasmin is a big fan of the jeans and a t-shirt look. “I have a very minimal style. I can throw on a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt and call it a day,” Yasmin shares with me. We came to the conclusion that less is definitely more in her book and I completely agree. Just in the brief moments of the beginning of our convo, Yasmin really made me think about just how big of an impact our internal beauty has on what people see on the outside.

“I motivate others to live their best life both inside and out. I create original content and use my creative energy to inspire others as well.” -Yasmin Elzomor

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Instantly clicking with Yasmin I wanted to find out a little more about her past. What exactly inspired her to want to inspire others? “I always knew that I wasn’t meant to work a typical 9-5. I wanted to create my own brand and have my own voice while inspiring others to do the same. I wanted to wake up every morning with genuine excitement to take on the day. I wanted to live life the way it’s supposed to be lived,” Yasmin exclaims! I am in complete agreement. Whether is is a traditional 9-5 or going after what seems to be an outrageous idea in your head, it’s important that you choose the path that will make you the most happy.

Yasmin continues, “My drive to be happy was so much more important than the opinions of others. So, one day I took the plunge and created my blog. It Definitely wasn’t an easy transition and it came with a lot of criticism and doubt, but today I’m proud because I just went for it regardless of what many thought.” Moral of the story, don’t let anything or anyone stand i your way to happiness. Conquer everything with love and pursue what you want to do. Not only does that apply to work, but it applies to everything you do, even your fashion choices.

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Fashion Advice

Yasmin approaches fashion in the same way that she approaches life, with simplicity and beauty. “My motto in fashion is: simplicity is key,” Yasmin says. “ I love showing others how a simple outfit with the right pop of color and the right accessories can really stand out,” she continues. But simplicity in an outfit can often be easier said than done. So my question to Yasmin was how does she provide guidance to her audience so that they know they are doing “simple” the right way. “I love being vulnerable with my audience and showing the real me behind social media and all of these filtered photos. By doing that, I am creating an honest bond with others. It allows them to see how my personality shines through the clothing,” Yasmin describes. And that is the key to simplicity, simply let your clothing be an aid to allowing your personality to radiate!

“The feeling of helping others and inspiring them to live their truth is the most amazing and rewarding feeling, I really don’t have words for how that feels.” -Yasmin Elzomor

Moving Forward

Of course, the journey for Yasmin doesn’t stop here. Excited with the fact that she currently has a great audience base, Yasmin definitely wants to continue to build and make a difference. “Right now, my focus is to continue building my brand and working on myself,” Yasmin declares. However, I felt a little hint of secrecy there in her response. While she tried to sell me the very short, sweet version of the story, she couldn’t quite hide the excitement on her face. We giggled together as we both knew she wasn’t dishing out the full scoop. She finally gave in and gave me a little more depth. “I eventually want to create a community where both men and women come together to help inspire and manifest each other’s desires. I think it’s essential to be a part of a group and help each other succeed, so that’s definitely a goal that will be accomplished soon. I do have many other goals and projects in mind but my lips are sealed about that for now,” Yasmin spills!

My time with Yasmin was certainly insightful. She is a wonderful person both inside and out and hopes to inspire others to be the same way. In just those brief moments, I have gained a new perspective on how to look at life and fashion. It’s the simple things in life that really define our winnings and it’s the simplicity in fashion that can allow our personality to shine through. So from now on, don’t be afraid to grab those jeans you love and pair it with your favorite t-shirt!

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