Let’s Get Thrifty

Thrifting is one of the fashion world’s not so well kept secret. The old concept of thrifting has been revamp. It’s definitely not just for your grandmother anymore. There are great fashion treasures to be found in thrift store if done right. You know those great classic designer brands that cost a fortune online or at your favorite retail store? Go to a thrift store and you just may come across an item or two from that brand for little to nothing. Talk about a great steal! That’s just one example of all the wonderful things to be found in the thrift stores but let’s be honest the possibilities are endless.

Thrifting can also bring out the fun creative side of fashion. While some things aren’t always in perfect condition or a little outdated, what’s stopping you from doing a little DIY revamping to a few items. It can also be fun to explore pairing vintage items with new trendy items as well.

All that being said, i’m sure you are ready to go out and get your thrift on, but slow down! There is a method to this thrifting madness. While I may not be a thrifting expert per say, these two lovely ladies are! Jessica Hunter and Thania Peck are popular fashion bloggers who with crazy trendy style. And if I didn’t hint before, you would have never guessed that they are very passionate thrifters. Well of course they wouldn’t leave you without letting you in on the ins and outs of thrifting. So, read on and learn how to do thrifting the right way.

Jessica Hunter definitely lives for fashion. Ever since she was a little girl, she loved to go shopping and get all dolled up. And after taking a job in finance, she realized that her passion for fashion was something she just wasn’t willing to let go. So, she ditched the financing job and picked up a Jimmy Choo sales associate job and the rest is history from there.

Fast Forward to now, Jessica inspires people around the world with her fashion blog and her specialty in high-low pairings. Her love for being fashionably comfortable makes the thriftstore feel just like home to her. Jessica has 3 major tips to decoding the thrifting process.

  1. Expand Your Limits
  2. Check for Easy Fixings
  3. Take Notes

Together [my parents] taught me the value of High-Low fashion, taking risks and that confidence is key when it comes to style.” -Jessica Hunter

Comfort + Confidence are the two major factors in my style.” -Jessica Hunter

One of my first sayings when I started my blog is ‘if it feels so wrong that it’s right, it probably is!’ Style is so subjective, so don’t be afraid to be the only person in a room rocking a jumpsuit when everyone else is wearing a dress. Take risks, have fun and remember that comfort and confidence are key!” -Jessica Hunter

Moving on to Thania Peck has also had a lifelong passion for fashion. She actually started off as a model but it wasn’t until she was sitting on the other end of the fashion show that her love for fashion really blossomed. Her first event attending was a Tommy Hilfiger event. She was inspired by the artistry the show. But it was her knack for describes new trends that led her to creating her fashion blog.

On her blog, Thania shares all types of tips but some of her most helpful tips come in the thrifting department. “ When thinking of thrifting, “an elderly hobby” is what comes to mind for most people. That’s not the case at all! Thrifting can be a fun and cheap way to create trends of your own,” Thania says. And she also gave her input on 3 helpful hints for thrifting.

  1. Put Your Own Twist On Things
  2. Taken on DIY Projects
  3. Shop on Restock Days

“Thrifting is every fashion blogger’s little secret. “ -Thania Peck

If you have a perfect chic shoe and an iconic bag, that’s going to tie your outfit together.” -Thania Peck

“My style isn’t for everyone.” -Thania Peck