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Instagram can be a great place to keep up with the latest trends and find inspiration for your own style. Fashion expert Sul inspires a lot of people with his eccentric fashion tips.

While his advice extends to men and women, he certainly puts on an A-Class tutorial for how men should dress.

When seeking inspiration for his style, even Sul turns to instagram for a fashion update. Grab a notebook because you’ll definitely want to take a tip or two from these inspiring instagram accounts. Check out this list of fashion forward menswear experts.

@Manifreshldn: This urban chic account will certainly get your creative juices flowing. This account will show you how to take street style and make a more polished version of it. Try pairing pieces like a pair of joggers with a fedora, mixing urban with classics.

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@Joeylondonstyle: This accounts shows you don’t have to over do it to appear fashionable. This laid back style is very comfy and casual. To achieve this comfy, everyday look, try pairing hoodie with a long petite coat and a solid colored bottom.

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@Iamsapra: This account is taking casual wear and kicking it up a notch. Let this account inspire you to taking your style to the next level for a more sophisticated look on an everyday basis. To create this classic look, pair a basic tee with fitted slacks. Finish the look with coat.

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@Umitobeyd: This tempting account will help you bring sexy back. Why hide those amazing bodies under baggy clothes? A great fit is key to achieving this look. Find a nice fitting suit and grab some well fitted button downs to rock this look.

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@Streetclobber: This account is the real deal. Staying true to the rawness of the streets, you’ll find the keys to basic urban fashion. Try pairing a letterman jacket over a hoodie as a cool piece of your collection.