Fashion for Fitness

Alice Rolf-Chin discusses the intertwining of fitness and fashion.

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There are a lot of people looking to better themselves.  Staying healthy and fit is essential to that.  While fitness is important, who’s to say you can’t look chic while achieving it. Alice Rolf-Chin has managed to intertwine the two in her life. She found her path between fitness and her love of fashion. Now she provides a way for others to do the same.

Alice is building her own brand as a personal trainer, designer, and blogger. She finds different ways to incorporate all three into one cohesive art. Along with way, Alice helps whip people into shape. She also designs fashion forward athletic wear, so you can workout and look amazing doing it.  Her blog is also a way she communicates fitness tips to her audience while showing off her designs.

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Getting into fashion

“When I was fifteen my parents took me to a modeling scout event in NY. I was immediately drawn to the fashion and art of the industry,” Alice says. From that moment fashion has been in her life, but in slightly different variations. She treats fashion as a part of her character. “Anyone can wear anything and look ‘good’ in it. But to really pull off anything you have to exude a persona,” Alice explains. She draws her inspiration of fashion from many different fashion icons. “I love Marc Jacob’s edgy runway shows. The runway looks translate well to street-wear. I’m also a huge fan of MarniLanvinrag & bone.  Being iconic, I think the classic designers come to mind: DiorChanelChristian Lacroix.” She also admires all the “nameless” fashion designers that stand for something. “I recently found a new brand of leggings called Girlfriend Collective. They make leggings out of sustainable materials and pay their workers a livable wage. Now, that is admirable to me, and is also so much bigger than just fashion or design,” Alice says.

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Alice’s Fashion History

Alice first fashion experiences started in the modeling industry. “I went to an open casting call in Denver. I signed with Donna Baldwin that day,” Alice says. Currently, she no longer models. “After my second daughter I think that ship has sailed for me,” Alice exclaims. Yet, this hasn’t stopped her from continuing to work within the fashion industry. She has done a lot of traveling to many places.  She likes seeing fashion from other perspectives. “Travel has really opened my mind. Seeing fashion in other countries, gave me a different perspective. I have visited places like JapanTaiwan and several European countries. They each have a unique style.” Alice says. She has now moved on to designing. She has hopes of creating a “athleisure line.” Sometimes the fashion industry can seem complex, but Alice finds ways to navigate through it. “I think it can be easy to get lost in the large world of fashion. People can find it intimidating. The best thing you can do for yourself is find your taste and build a wardrobe around it.”

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The Future

Alice aspires to continue her journey of blending fitness with fashion. More importantly, she wants to share it with others.  “I know many women who want to better themselves, take care of their body, and want to look modern and chic while doing it.” Alice has many goals to do over the next ten years. She hopes to have her own personal training business. She also wants to continue doing sponsorships for brands. She also plans to travel more. And she’ll definitely be bring her athleisure line to life.

If you can/could consider yourself an expert in one area of style/fashion, what would it be?

Styling. I have always had a unique perspective. I am drawn to high-end details and while I was a single mother for seven years, I was on a tight budget for most of it. The challenge was finding pieces that were inexpensive that didn’t look cheap. I find more often than not that women all want to look the same for some reason. I like to follow trends, but put my own personality into it. In styling, I think a lot like an artist’s signature, my aesthetic has a certain look.

Can you give me a tutorial on how people can best incorporate that style/fashion advice in their life?

Don’t buy outfits off mannequins, or try to be so-and-so celebrity. Find your own style. Less is definitely more.

What style/fashion accessory is your favorite?

SHOES. I have done a serious overhaul. I used to have over 100 pairs. I now have somewhere in the 30’s. I think having classics are more important than having 10 pairs of poorly made shoes. Besides, bad quality shoes are often uncomfortable. You should always have like a high quality pair of leather sneakers, a pump, and ankle boot. I can wear a tee and a pair of jeans and feel sexy just by adding a pair of sling-back heels.

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What are your favorite lesser known places to shop for clothes?

TJMaxx runway and eBay. I find luxury brands for 80% off on here all the time. I also like supporting second-hand.

What about furniture?

Land of Nod, local second-hand shops.

What about accessories?


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