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Creativity can lead you to your dream career path. That’s exactly what happened for creative artist Amy Correa Bell. From the age of 11, Amy’s creative mind led her to wander into the field of acting. Her parents took her to the set of the movie “Meteor Man” where she was able to meet a lady that took her under her wing. That experience got her a role as an extra for the film. From there, she went on to sign under a management company. After that Amy landed a Burger King commercial at the age of 12. And at 12 years old her fate in the Arts industry was set.

Driven by her self-expression through art, Amy continues to work in various mediums of art. Acting, music, and dance are just a few of the activities Amy finds herself taking part in every day. “I make a living playing “make believe”, dress up, and making songs I really like,” Amy expresses with enthusiasm. Her jobs keeps her inspired and she enjoys everything she partakes in whether it be creating music, photographic stories, or even characters that connect with her audiences.

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Everyone’s passion starts from somewhere, Amy’s just so happened to come from music. “I grew up in the magical era of the 80’s and 90’s, so MTV music videos changed my life,” Amy exclaims. Taking inspiration from legends such as Michael Jackson and Madonna, Amy found herself in love with the whole production that comes along with being an artist. “I would pretend to be sick [just] so I could miss school and wait for Madonna or Michael Jackson videos to come on,” Amy states. However, her interest in music didn’t just come from watching MTV videos. In her home, Amy had two older brothers who are successful DJ’s. She found herself surrounded by breakdance and the introduction of Hip-Hop/Funk in her living room.

Amy took this inspiration and ran with it. Even to this day music is still a great interest of hers. She both sings and writes. While Amy has her own various solo projects, she is also part of a group named “SterlingandAmy,” in which will be touring across Los Angeles by the end of the year. They are also in the process of releasing a new song and video soon that can be viewed through the group’s Facebook.

Personal Brand

While music plays a significant part in her life, Amy also acts and dances. She aims to become an international superstar and wants to use her brand in order to bring about positive change in today’s culture. “I see my brand and exposure leading me to a place where I can dedicate more time to making an impact in today’s culture through acts of love on a larger scale,” Amy expresses inspiringly. She continues to build her brand by constantly working to improve herself. Amy says, “Every day, I make sure to allocate the most important part of my day to either making a beat, rehearsing a song, taking a dance class, or going to improv.” She works hard every day to stay inspired and let it reflect through the art she creates.

I see myself as an International superstar, performing music around the world. I also see myself helping to make positive changes in todays culture.

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Amy likes to keep up with current fashions and use it as inspiration to create her own styles. “I know how to throw random things together on almost anyone. It’s actually a fun challenge for me,” Amy says. Style is just another form of Amy’s creative expression. “I love finding a vibe and trying to capture it through how you wear clothing,” Amy articulates. She’s particularly is fond of taking vintage clothing and adding new life to them. “I think dressing up is like decorating your personality with lights,” Amy continues.

Amy uses her personality to inspire her style. She’s really fond of finding things that fit well as opposed to focusing on brand names. But yet, Amy is quick to let you know that quality definitely matters. “It’s better to spend a little more money on an incredible pair of jeans and wear them all the time, than to have tons of jeans that don’t show off your vibe well,” Amy expresses. When styling herself she finds it important to find things that “make [her] feel most alive.” She treats style just as an extension of her and her brand. “My main advice would be to hone in on your personal identity. Make it your personal adventure to start looking for clothes that match your energy!“

What advice would you give to a young person today that wanted to follow a similar path to what you’re doing right now?

To give 100% of their time to their passion, starting NOW, and to make it their plan A, plan B and C, otherwise the pressures and disappointments of life and other peoples opinions may deter them. There is no yesterday or tomorrow, there is always only NOW. Don’t wait any longer, start moving forward and doing something everyday towards your dreams. Daily, forward momentum is key. I also believe in finding a purpose in why you do what you do. Find out the “Why” and let your number one passion connect you to that.

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What are your 3 essential productivity tools, how do you use them, and why do you love them?

Prayer, Words of Affirmation, and Planning.

I use prayer as my way to meditate and connect to my Higher Power. This time of prayer gets me focused and helps me see what is required of me to move forward.
Words of Affirmation are the words I speak over myself that are in line with my purpose. We are what we say, so I make it a rule to only speak what I want in my life. It works!

Lastly, I write everything down. Nothing happens without a plan. I plan everything I need to do, including time I need to rest and workout. It’s crucial for me to have goals and a set plan to accomplish them.

What’s next?  & why?

The release of my new solo record.  I’ve been working on this project for over a year now, and I finally feel that I’ve found my favorite style of music to sing, perform and dance to. I haven’t been this excited since i was a kid!

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