Quick Casual Tutorial | David Calderon

Looking to spice up your casual wear? Try this quick style tutorial from David Calderon, the smart and dapper king himself.


Often, most guys [and gals] for a casual outfit will toss on a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers and say job done. But how can you take that to the next level and stand out? How can you make this casual outfit look like something you could walk into a fancy bar or restaurant and not look like you stick out like a sore thumb? When you start thinking like that you push yourself to accessorize and maybe toss out those worn out sneakers!

One trick I use is accessorizing with jewelry! I love long chains. Nothing loud or audacious but I just really like necklaces. Top off that t-shirt and jeans look with a stand out necklace. It will add a little umph to even the most simplistic outfit.