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See. Want. Shop. Those are the rules that Lisa Hamilton live by and she also runs a blog that will show you how to do so to! It may have all started just a hobby but it lead her to venture off into so much more. Lisa enjoys having such a fun, creative career and the passion just exudes from her as she dishes out the tea on her journey!

Building Interest

A very passionate Lisa was so happy to share her love for fashion with the rest of us. I had her take me back to the beginning when she first felt the sparks fly. Her answer was something, I know me and many others can relate to. “I have always been interested in fashion, ever since I started playing dress-ups as a child with our overflowing dress-up box. I also had a huge Barbie collection and loved nothing more than buying new outfits for them. Not to mention, I had a fantastic childhood! I loved to travel with my family and I always loved picking my outfits so I guess you can say that I’ve always been interested in those things. Playing dress-ups was also one of my favourite past-times! As I grew older, I continued to love fashion but never dreamt of having a career in it. What started as a creative hobby has grown into much more,” Lisa says.

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Career Path

As Lisa said, fashion was always just an interest of hers. She had no idea that it would be the career path for her. So I asked her to explain a little bit about how her hobby turned into a full-time job that she loves every moment of. “I moved to the UK on a working holiday & started some social media accounts to share my travels with loved ones back home. I started to develop a following and from there, the idea to create my own blog developed. It started off as a creative outlet and hobby but has grown over the years to become by full-time passion,” Lisa shares.

Australian Flare

One of the things that makes Lisa’s style so unique is her Australian flare. “Australia is easygoing, vibrant and fresh. I certainly think this is reflected in my style. I am all about easy-to-wear, classic pieces that work across all the seasons,” Lisa says.

When I asked her to describe a little bit about what Australia brings to the world of fashion, here’s what she had to say; “We have some incredibly unique designers that are not afraid to challenge the fashion boundaries. Our designers have a fabulous eye for style & come up with some fantastic pieces. I think they have a really fresh take on fashion.”

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Think about the 80/20 rule; if you get 80% of your impact from 20% of what you do, what is that 20% for you as it pertains to developing and expressing your personal style?

Being myself and true to my style. I have my own voice and express that across my blog & social channels. I think my readers really relate to that.

What about discovering new styles to incorporate into your look and style?

I love discovering new styles but I don’t necessarily incorporate all trends into my repertoire. I am well aware that not everything suits me or my personal style so I don’t try to wear everything. In saying that there are HEAPS of new trends and styles that I love. I always try to include them in my looks with my own personal spin.

What’s next?  & why?

I have recently started my own YouTube channel which is an exciting new chapter for See Want Shop. It’s something I have been wanting to do for ages, to connect with my followers in a real and relatable way.

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Lisa Hamilton