Take A Trip!

If your looking to switch up your style a little bit, here’s an idea…TAKE A TRIP! Summer is the perfect time to explore and make some travel arrangements. Here at Lux, we want to help you find your perfect destination this summer. Not only do we have hopes of you having a fabulous vacation but really go experience somewhere new and let that have influence over your style!  Influencer, Joseph Lucido, definitely knows a thing or two about traveling and style. After all he has visited over 40 countries and is style is impeccable! So it’s no question why we asked him to share his top 5 travel destinations. Check out what Joseph had to say!

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“The biggest influence on my personal style and eye for fashion has absolutely been travel! I’ve lived abroad on and off for quite some time, in all different places, and that has really inspired me to challenge the way that I dress and incorporate different cultures into my clothing choices in a variety of ways. While it’s hard to pick only 5 places, I guess i’ll power through with these destinations!” -Joseph Lucido

  • Paris – Paris is just one of those magical cities where I feel pure joy when I’m there! I love how big and busy it is, but unlike NYC I think you can still pretty easily find refuge from the craziness! You have to spend a day (or a lifetime) at the Louvre, go to Laduree for macarons, and go shopping! I could spend a lifetime in Paris and honestly not be done exploring.         
  • Bali, Indonesia – of course the various beaches are a must, Potato Head Beach Club is my favorite place to spend the day, and the Ubud area is truly beautiful
  • Hong Kong – I lived in Hong Kong for 6 months and honestly would again but you have to go to Lan Kwai Fong, which is the party street, Din Tai Fook, which is the cheapest Michelin Star Restaurant in the world, and Victoria Peak for the most stunning views of the city
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  • Denmark, Copenhagen – I also lived in Copenhagen for 6 months and loved the city! You have to visit Nyhavn, which is the waterfront canal district, Tivoli Gardens, which is the oldest amusement park in Europe, and the various palaces in the city
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  • London – I put London as last because I hope to live there one day, but I also loved visiting so much that I had to put it on the list. When you’re there you have to do all the touristy stuff of course, but then I would also check out The Sketch for high tea and West End for a show