Fashion Do’s and Don’ts | Matt Hartman

When it comes to fashion, especially for beginners, it really helps to have some guidelines to follow. No one knows this better than fashion blogger Matt Hartman. Due to the fact that he had to find a way to totally reinvent his style, he knows a few rules of thumb to use when one your venture to create your own personal style. Check out his list of fashion DO’s and DON’TS!

  • DO try to find things that you like and inspire you but DON’T try to recreate it. Create your own lane. Find what you like and identifies you uniquely.
LUX Magazine matt-hartman6 Fashion Do's and Don'ts | Matt Hartman
  • DO find things that make YOU happy. DON’T worry about following trends of what’s popular. Search for the things that you identify with and go from there.
LUX Magazine matt-hartman5 Fashion Do's and Don'ts | Matt Hartman
  • DO wear colors that you like wearing. DON’T wear colors that you don’t look good in. Forget trying to wear colors that other people consider popular.
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  • Once you figure out what colors you like, DO stay with in that lane. If you know you look good in blue, experiment with different shades and find different articles of clothing like pants, shirts, shoes, that are blue.]
LUX Magazine matt-hartman1 Fashion Do's and Don'ts | Matt Hartman
  • DO try building a look starting with the accessories. I know this is not traditional, most people start with the shirt or bottoms or a lot of women start with the shoes, but try finding a nice accessory that you adore and create an outfit around that.
LUX Magazine matt-hartman4 Fashion Do's and Don'ts | Matt Hartman
  • DON’T be afraid to try things! DON’T say no to different styles, try them out then decide.You might actually find that you like the things that you once said you would never wear.