Tanner’s best tips

Tanner Manns Tips

“People often wonder how to discover their personal style. It’s easier than you think. Look around and see what inspires you. I can be riding down the road and see a color combination on an ice cream truck and be inspired to find pieces that could somehow create a masterpiece in fashion. ” -Tanner Mann

Check out this list of Tanner’s best tips to defining

your own style!

  • It’s okay NOT to fit in one box. Your style doesn’t have to revolve around just one category. Explore a variety of options and pick the things that speak to you even if they don’t “fit” into how your categorize your style!
  • Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to wear something you normally wouldn’t pick up off the shelves. 
  • Look to the stars for inspiration. The Kardashians may be a very controversial family but there is no denying that they are iconic when it comes to fashion and makeup.  When I need a little inspiration I take a look down Kardashian lane to see what has been put together and what did it for me.  LUX Magazine IMG_1569-800x1199 Tanner’s best tips
  • A good pair of shoes can totally make your entire outfit. The shoes are the eyebrows of an outfit. You will either catch me in a pair of converse or pumps.
  • Don’t worry about what’s “in style”, rather worry about what fashion pieces are going to make you feel fierce.