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“Describe my style? In one word, it’s eclectic. I love so many different kinds of looks and styles….boho, edgy, fun and flirty, chic and elegant….the only thing I would say I’m really not is preppy.  My brand and blog name, peach & pepper, was also derived from a description of my personal style in that I often say my go-to is sweet and spicy or, in other words, feminine with a little edge. I love mixing feminine styles like ruffles or lace with edgier items like a leather moto jacket or bold shoes.” -Allison Ruchaber

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Allison Ruchaber has an eclectic style and shares it with the world through her blog and fashion designs. She styles outfits and accessories, photograph them and promote them for brands on social media and her  blog. She also has a small clothing line that she designs. “I’ve stepped back from designing  a bit now so now I am primarily designing pieces for myself and taking custom orders,” Allison says.

First Interest

Allison has had an interest in fashion for many years. She recalls designing prom dresses at the age of 17. “I can remember being in high school and sketching prom dress ideas and I’ve always loved watching movies with style icons like Audrey Hepburn and trying to emulate their style,” Allison reminisces.

“I also had an aunt (my dad’s sister) who was only about 12 years older than me who was always very stylish and fashion-forward when I was growing up. She worked in retail and would often give me clothes from the stores she managed. I always really admired her strong fashion sense and do recall wanting to be like her when I grew up.” -Allison Ruchaber

Fast forward to the age of 35, Allison decided it was time to really pursue her interests in fashion. “Although I have always loved fashion and style, my journey started about 5 years ago with the start of my brand, Peach & Pepper Apparel. I actually started out designing jersey-knit reversible leg warmers for barre and pilates type workouts. I saw a need for an alternative to the traditional sweater-knit ones that were hot and not washable. I then added scarves and kimonos and grew from there into designing small collections. It wasn’t until a friend suggested I start modeling my own designs and then having a couple of companies contact me to wear their clothing that I considered fashion blogging,” Allison explains.

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Current Success

Five years later, Peach & Pepper is a very popular blog. Allison has gained the attention of a large audience and has even be recognized amongst some of the best. “I am still fairly new to blogging but I was featured in 303 Magazine earlier this year as a top Denver blogger among other girls that I really admire in the Denver blogging community. And as a designer, I was featured in Denver Style Magazine’s 3rd Issue and that was a wonderful milestone too,” Allison says.

Allison’s success has not only brought her alot of attention but it has also opened the door for her to be able to inspire others as well. “When I see people wearing and loving my designs or asking me to have something custom made for them, that is extremely rewarding and affirming. And having friends ask my styling advice or purchase items that I’ve worn and promoted is always a great feeling too. I also love being able to promote brands that I strongly believe in and that give back and have a meaningful impact in the world,” Allison expresses.

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Next Steps

Of course, Allison wants to continue to build and expand her brand, Peach & Pepper. However, with endless possibilities, she doesn’t want to just limit herself to pursuing just one of two things in the future. “I’m kind of an impulsive person so sometimes I just like to see where things lead. Of course, I hope to build my blog into a recognizable name, work with more high profile brands, start hosting more events and maybe even add some more lifestyle content in. Right now though, I’m just enjoying doing something I love and am passionate about.

I would like to start hosting fashion events and creating videos with styling tips, style DIYs etc. I feel like that’s a more personal way to reach people and give them a reason to follow/keep following and offers more opportunity for real engagement. And I’d love to partner with more style brands that give back to promote missions that actually make a difference,” Allison describes.

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What style/fashion accessory is your favorite?

At the moment, I’m loving statement earrings. But shoes are definitely my first fashion love.

If you can/could consider yourself an expert in one area of style/fashion, what would it be?

I would have to say that my go-to  is easy, comfortable style. Comfort is extremely important to me, but it has to be cute too ( I never really like to blend in). I dress pretty casually on a daily basis….my daily uniform tends to be a great pair of boyfriend jeans and a tee with fun shoes or an athleisure wear look….so I try to create even casual looks that are not-so-basic. I always think adding a standout pair of shoes is the way to go, whether they be a bold color or a fun print or have metallic details, shoes often make the outfit if you ask me. And I also really love mixing feminine items with edgier items like I mentioned before, so I’d say that mix of sweet and spicy is kind of my thing too.

Can you give me a tutorial on how people can best incorporate that style/fashion advice in their life?

I think the easiest way to take comfy style up a notch is to start with a very basic look like a solid color tee and a pair of jeans that you love (a look that is easy to pair and coordinates well with just about anything so that you’re not worried about matching or clashing) and then look for a pair of shoes that speaks to you in some way. Again they could be casual sneakers in a fun color or a metallic high-heel ankle boot or an embellished flat (whatever you’re in the mood for that day) but since the outfit is pretty basic, you can go with a standout shoe that really elevates the look and adds a super stylish element. And if shoes aren’t really your way to make a statement, you can do the same thing with accessories like a bold necklace, fun statement earrings or a cool clutch to jazz up a comfortable, easy everyday outfit. And then when it comes to mixing the feminine with the edgy, I love to start with something really girly like a ruffled or lace top, add distressed jeans (because that always ups the cool factor if you ask me) and then you can’t go wrong with a good moto jacket either.

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