Travelling With Luxe | Lorna Andrews “LoRNALUXE”

LoRNALUXE is a fun, savvy blog created by Lorna Andrews. Her mission? She wants to help other young professionals like herself not only dress the part but have fun while doing it! Living by her motto, Lorna reminds us to…

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Once a British small city girl from Manchester she’s now based out of London and travels through Europe ‘For a Living ‘

So, one of the many things that makes this LoRNALUXE stand out is how relatable Lorna is. Once upon a time, Lorna was just the average girl who enjoyed social media. She never expected for things to turn out how they did, but with her Instagram account gaining so much popularity, it prompted her to kick off her own blog, LoRNALUXE.

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The thing I love most about this blog is whenever she posts her outfits, she finds a way to connect it to a real life, common themes that you can use the advice from even if you don’t care for the fashion aspect of things. Some of my favorite topics she chose to relate her outfits to are:

  • The Budget Vacation Wardrobe
  • A Non-related Thread on “How to Say ‘Im Not Going’”
  • Three Ways to Reclaim your Waist…No Waist Required
  • Six Things Im Quitting Going into the New Year

“I began Instagram sharing mirror selfies of my outfits and when my audience grew, so did my confidence and I would let friends and relatives take my pics.” -Lorna Andrews

“My aspiration in life has always been to make vacations a legit profession.” -Lorna Andrews

“The fashion world was/is for the most part off-limits to someone like me, which is why initially I veered away, documenting more lifestyle content on my social media and then blog. It was as my Instagram really took off that I decided to focus on the areas I got the most enjoyment from – what I wear being one of them.” -Lorna Andrews

“If you can’t be different be better. If you can’t be better be different.” -Lorna Andrews

Lorna is always on the go and giving us a view of some the most beautiful and majestic places in Europe.  It’s Jetsetter inspiration on steroids, if you will. I feel like I’m getting my daily cup of London, Paris, Niece, etc…

Lorna’s style is modern, minimal, classic and chic.