Define Your Style | Heather Anderson

Define Your Style

Here at LUX along with many other fashion bloggers and personal stylist, we agree that the number one rule to personal style is finding a look that defines YOU. Now, if you are new to this whole fashion thing, you may be thinking, “what exactly does that mean?” The easiest way to think of it is to compare dressing yourself to creating a sentence. Each detail in the clothes you wear has some sort of connotation behind it. For instance, bold prints scream fun and wild while plain, non-patterns may say sophistication or simplicity.  Therefore, everything you wear is literally making a fashion statement.

Heather Anderson is known for her fun, trendy style. But better yet, she has mastered the art of fashion statements. The way she pieces her outfits together makes her an open book. Her outfits scream out the details of her fun-loving, bright personality. Check out the secrets Heather’s clothes give away about her!

Deep- V: Heather often wears a very deep-v neck line. This detail shows us her fun, flirty side. The deep-v is eye catching and adds drama to the outfit. It’s a great way to add the fashion statement into otherwise very plain boring tops. The deep-v is fun, sleek and sexy. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with showing a little skin. And in Heather’s case, the way she balances out her looks always prevent her from looking trashy.

LUX Magazine White-Bodysuit-2-1200x1800 Define Your Style | Heather Anderson

Bold Colored Fur: In this case, Heather shows off her pink fur coat. This detail shows that Heather is bold and not afraid to break the rules. It’s a nod to her risk-taking side. The big, bold jacket was paired with a more simplistic outfit which shows that while she has a bold side, she’s not outrageously wild and wacky.

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Fedora Hat: The Fedora is one of Heather’s favorite accessories. She uses the fedora to complete her looks. This detail shows that Heather has a little edge. The Fedora has a very masculine connotation behind it, however women who have a chic edge to them can certainly pull the look off. It’s a subtle way for a girl to say “yes, I’m a bad-ass and I do what I want.”

LUX Magazine soheatherblog_240705398_4057754451012970_3492117236484673762_n Define Your Style | Heather Anderson

Loose Clothing: Heather clothing often consist of a pair of fitted jeans; however, she pairs them with loose flowy material tops. The loose clothing is a detail that suggest sophistication. Surrounded by more of her bolder choices, the flowy clothes balance them out and shows a softer side of Heather. It always helps her to keep the outfits tasteful and shows she has a lot of class and Define Your Style.