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Riana Homer is  an Australian lifestyle blogger and social media influencer. She has recently launched her revamped blog ‘Tea with Ri’. ‘Tea with Ri’ features stories of Books, style, poetry and all the latest tea! Riana also works at a production co-ordinator for a new TV series airing soon in Australia.  Media of various forms is her platform. She enjoys the success she has achieved doing the things she has great passion for.


Riana started blogging about a year ago. It all began as she pursued her degree in journalism. “I began blogging during my journalism degree as a way to get my writing ‘out there’. I soon build up a loyal following and audience. People were interested in what I was doing, wearing, and what my interests were. Next thing I had 30K on my instagram!” Riana explains. This inspired to continue to expand her brand and explore other outlets. After her graduation, Riana began her job with production coordination.

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Childhood Inspiration

Riana has taken a lot of inspiration from her father. He gave her a strong image to look up to as a child. “My dad has always worked hard to succeed. I watched him from a young age put all his passion, time and efforts into working for what he loves everyday. I think this is where my drive to achieve my dreams comes from,” Riana says. And indeed keeping up with the drive he instilled in her has brought her the great amount of success today.

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Never Give Up

Everyone faces obstacles throughout life. Its how you overcome those challenges that helps you become stronger and better. Faced with the challenge of feeling inadequate, Riana found a way to continue on a become even better. “I started to compare myself to others. It took a toll on my confidence and health. It took me a long time to get back to my normal happy self.  I realized I didn’t have to be like anyone else. I just had to be me. I kept going with what I loved; blogging, fashion, journalism and fitness,” Riana expresses. Soon after she  found that she was happier and more confident than ever. Her confidence transpired through her work. “This was the time when I built up my biggest following, because I was finally being organic and myself. People will always like you more for being just you!” Riana says.

Another challenge she has to learn to overcome was balancing full-time work and school. Having little free time to invest in the things she had great passion for caused a lot of stress for her.  Yet, she was able to push through with the love and support of her family. “I definitely had a lot of support from my family. I have no idea what I would do without my mum sometimes. She is my rock!! But there was no choice to quit, because if I did then I was only failing myself. I just had to look after myself. I made sure to  take all the time I needed to study and trust that it would all pay off soon… and it did!” Riana says. While giving up was not an option, Riana did opt to cut down to part-time school hours. It helped her to increase her time to be able to blog and have time to write the things she wanted to write about. She realized that it was time to take charge of her own journey and do it her way. Her decision helped her to take back her life and regain her happiness.

“It doesn’t matter how fast anyone else is going on their journey, just concentrate on yours. Everyone’s path is different. We’re all heading in different directions so there is no point comparing them. “


Riana was able to gain her happiness back and find success as well. She was able to get her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. She also was able to start up her successful blog. She finds it most rewarding to see the positive influence she has on others. “I love hearing when other people have been positively influenced by my work. I sometimes write poetry on my blog. One girl messaged me to tell me it had made her cry as she could resonate with my story. She thanked me for writing such an ‘honest’ piece of work. It meant the world to me that I had touched someone like that,” Riana says.

The payout is always bigger than the struggle if you just continue to persevere. Riana is the perfect example of that. As Riana suggests, it is “always do what feels right. If you are not happy in a situation, whether that’s with your job, friendships, living arrangements… anything… you CAN always change it. Everything happens for a reason. Do what you love and have fun with it, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

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The Future

Riana has big plans to the future. She inspired to continue to expand her brand. She hopes to one day move to New York to work as a writer. She wants to create books and also do some freelance writing. Of course by then she will have completed the production of the show due to air in Australia soon. She may also find her working on other tv productions as well. Most importantly, she will continue to impact the lives of others. Through tv, blog, or books, Riana strives to shine a positive light into the eyes of her audience.

What books do you recommend?

Anything that inspires you! I’m a big sucker for romance novels – I love reading Jane Austen and Nicholas Sparks. Anything that takes you on an exciting journey can help you to unravel your own journey.

What style/fashion accessory is your favorite?

My small gold hoops! They are my go-to earrings.

If you can/could consider yourself an expert in one area of style/fashion, what would it be?

Being a minimalist. I love putting together a classic look.

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Riana Horner