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“The day to day of running my blog, From Luxe With Love, involves shooting, editing and writing content for the blog and Instagram. There’s also time spent doing admin work like responding to emails, along with attending events and showings for any new season product launches. Along with this, I shoot and edit content for brands to use on their own social media channels.”  –Natalie Lucas

Imagine falling in love with fashion and being able to surround yourself in every aspect of it. Photo shoots, extravagant events, creating content, advising others all while promoting your own personal style. Fashion blogger Natalie Lucas leads a very busy life; however she wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s what happens when you allow your passions to grow into even bigger things. It’s the best of both worlds. Not only do you get to spend a lot of time doing things that you already love to do, but you also get paid for doing it.

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Natalie’s Start

Fashion and beauty has always been an interest of Natalie’s. Starting off as a make-up artist, Natalie decided that she wanted to go beyond, just make up. That’s when Natalie sparked the idea of starting a fashion blog. “Working as a makeup artist on fashion and beauty shoots definitely got me interested in fashion, style and beauty early on. I loved being creative on shoots and seeing images come together. When I started using Instagram personally, I loved taking photos and flatlays. The idea of starting a blog just grew from there. I started ‘From Luxe With Love’ whilst I was studying abroad in Canada as I thought it was a great way to share some of my travel photos at the time along with fashion and beauty products that I loved,” Natalie says.  And from that moment, Natalie never looked back.


Natalie has had much success with her fashion blog and career. She has not only had the opportunity to share things about herself with her audience, but she has also been able to be featured in some great collaborations. “I’m so lucky to have worked with some amazing brands and people over the last couple of years. I have been able to work with some of my favorite brands and also I have made some amazing friends through blogging,” Natalie exclaims.

You would think that with being young and having so much on her plate, things could easily get overwhelming, but it doesn’t seem that way for Natalie. She has been able to effectively balance her blogger lifestyle and obtain a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Economics with five majors. Not to mention, Natalie has also been blessed to study abroad in three different countries.

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Natalie’s Style

Much of the content for ‘From Luxe With Love’ comes from Natalie’s personal style. Natalie’s style is pretty simplistic overall, but she definitely knows just how to add a little flare. “I usually adhere to a neutral color palette with lots of black, white and greys. I love to splurge on accessories, often pairing a simpler, minimal outfit with some luxe accessories,” Natalie explains.Enter a caption (optional). Select text to format it.


Beautiful, smart and talented, Natalie is a triple threat. The make-up artist took a risk by expanding into the blogging world and it has surely paid off. Capturing the attention of many via social media and through her blog, Natalie is set to make an impact in the world of fashion. She brings style and charisma to the table; who wouldn’t seek advice from her? Her career is steadily expanding which may lead her to branch off into other areas in the industry. What can be next? Maybe tv, public appearances, travel or even design!  With her back ground in makeup, her experience with blogging and her undergo with modeling, Natalie is sure to make a splash in whatever she ventures off into!

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Tell me about your childhood, is there anything about your childhood, upbringing, or family history that you can link to your inspiration today?

I did some modelling and became a certified makeup artist during high school, along with taking a unit of photography. This definitely fueled my love of fashion, beauty and taking photos.

You love black?  Why?

Black for me is a color I feel confident in, goes with anything, and always looks chic!

What style/fashion accessory is your favorite?

My Celine Mini Luggage bag. It was one of my first designer pieces I purchased in Paris and it’s still one of my favorites.

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