How To Look Your Best This Spring

LUX Magazine spring-fashion-styles4 How To Look Your Best This Spring Style spring looks Fashion

Spring is a refreshing time of the year where we can forget the old, and bring in the new. Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, so why shouldn’t your personal style be too? A lot of things happen around this time of year, or have happened since January, and spring time is the time to celebrate!

Having a style that matches your lifestyle is an important factor, whether that means that it’s functional enough to keep up with your active lifestyle, or stylish enough to make you feel like a boss everyday. If  your personal style consists of mens blazers and jeans, or strappy heels and pastels – the styles this spring make it easier than ever to show off what’s really your personal style. With a range of styles incorporated into the top trends this spring, there are styles for a relaxed vibe and styles including leopard print blazers and strappy heels. In this post we break it down into the main categories that are important to your whole outfit, all the way down to your accessories (like your phone case!) that make all the difference. Keep reading for the trends that will make you look your best this spring.


LUX Magazine spring-fashion-styles5 How To Look Your Best This Spring Style spring looks Fashion
LUX Magazine image3 How To Look Your Best This Spring Style spring looks Fashion

As spring rolls around, we slowly shed out amount of clothing we wear layer after layer. No more having to wear 2 pairs of pants or a bulky-floor-length jacket. Although, just because we’re wearing less clothes – it dosen’t mean that they have to make less of a statement; on the contrary.

Spring is the best time for statement pieces considering it’s the perfect temperature to show off your outfit – whether it’s a mini skit or a sweater and jeans. Working from the top down, a new style to follow this spring are ruffled blouses. From bright red to pastel blue – these are coming into style and it doesn’t look like the trend is leaving anytime soon. Paired with some light colored jeans, or a flowly skirt, this look has spring written all over it.

Since one of the best things about spring it ditching the jeans and thick pants, and showing some skin – shorts are in style. For women, sensible shorts coming to the mid-thigh are becoming more and more on trend. A variation of these are tight bike shorts. Paired with  a blazer and sneakers, you’ll have a unique style that it completely on trend. For men, can you believe that shorter shorts are coming back into style? Get ready to show some skin fellas. For both women and men, polished, yet casual suits and blazers are a great go-to.


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Hats, sandals, sneakers, clear-bags, man-bags and duffle bags are all items that will be seen more and more this spring. In terms of hats, baker hats and bucket hats (yes, bucket hats) and making a comeback. Luckily they make great sun protection for the sunny days. To match the comeback of the 90’s / futuristic style, sneakers are becoming more and more modern and statement making.

On the other hand, sandals are changing from strappy leather sandals, to foam / velcro sandals – perfect for the functional fashionista. Going with the modern look, clear bags are still a fashion statement. Wearing them belted, as a fanny pack has now taken over the traditional handbag / shoulder strap style. Now-a-days, men can even get away with carrying a side bag, as it’s seen on the runways from the most famous designers. Duffle bags are also a great way for men to carry their necessities. The Matador Duffle is a great example of a duffle bag to rock this spring, consider it’s compact for traveling, in addition to sleek and stylish. Every detail counts when it comes to accessories, so why not upgrade your phone case while you’re at it? Luxbox Case offers phone cases that are stripped down enough to not take away from your style statements, but sleek enough to make a statement in itself.

Prints and Materials

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As we all know, fashions are a cycle, so it’s was only a matter of time before we hit the 70’s era again. This spring, fashion is having fun with prints such as tie dye, neon and paisley.   Tie-dye t-shirts are back – so round up all your plain, boring white shirts and make good use of a night tye-dying. You’ve probably seen throughout Instagram neon popping up more and more.

The fusion between the 90s and the 70s is real. Neon is best paired with neutrals and a modern look (like a clear bag and sneakers). Tie-dye and neon alike has been seen on runways under blazers, so they can both be a staple print in your closet this spring. In terms of paisley, or really any other type of print you would see on a scarf – it’s totally wearable as an outfit now. Even better, mixing these prints is a new, bold fashion statement. Just make sure the tones compliment each other.

If you’re not big on prints, you can show your style with different types of materials as they are making a statement just as big this spring. Materials such as crochet,  sequins, feathers, see-through plastic and fringe are all on-trend. Pairing a casual crochet dress with some slip on sandals gives a casual, but polished look. Celebrating anything with sequins is always as much fun as it seems. And, who doesn’t love fringe? The options really are endless.


LUX Magazine spring-fashion How To Look Your Best This Spring Style spring looks Fashion

Aside from cut, material and type of clothing, the colors are really where the magic happens. Get excited about springtime because it means ditching wearing black from head to toe, and saying hello to colors. Lots of colors. Trends for this season include neutral colors (so, you don’t have to go too bold if you don’t want to).

If you’ve always went for white and black, try out Beige – one of the hottest colors of the season. If you’re on the fence about sporting colors you think would be too bold, but still want to take a step away from neutrals Pale blue is a winner. If you want to really sport bright colors, bright orange or magenta is your go-to. This creates a modern and sporty look – for those who love the athleisure trends. Or, you can make it look natural with different materials. In addition to adding some more colors and prints to your wardrobe this spring, color blocking is the answer to how-to do it. In the past, there have been styles that try to color block for you – as in there are shapes of color on a plain black or white shirt. To master this trend in its current state, look for full pieces of clothing to make a statement. Red t-shirt, red jean jacket and black jeans?

Perfect. Don’t be afraid to mix two bright colors either – it is spring after all 🌸