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London Local places

Looking for a great place to travel to? The city of London is the place to go! Tourism in London is at an all time high. London’s international travel rates broke records with 17.4 million people visiting this city in 2014. In 2015, there were even more with an estimated 18.6 million international tourist. It’s a ton of tourist attractions that you don’t want to miss out on. Yet, the small local spots are really the well-kept secrets that tourist often miss out on. Blogger Craig Hammond aka ‘That Dapper Chap’ lets the cat out of the bag. He shares some of his favorite local  locations!

 Looking to grab a quick, healthy meal? LEON in Spitalfields is the place to go! LEON takes fast food to a new level. They offer a variety of quick, healthy options for those on the go. Craig’s top recommendation is the hot smoked salmon super salad!

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Mostly visited London Local places

Want to get out and observe the beautiful nature and scenery of London? Craig recommends visiting Regents Park. It is filled with beautiful plant life and landscaping. You’ll also find the zoo there!

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Regents Park

Want to learn more about the English culture? Craig suggests going to the Victoria and Albert museum for historical art. But it is not just enough to observe art put on display in galleries. Craig also recommends hitting the streets and viewing street art. One spot Craig loves is the ever changing tapestry of Brick Lane 

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Brick Lane Coffee

Lastly, you can’t visit London without having a cup of tea or coffee! The Brick Lane Coffee shop is the place to go. It offers a cool vibe. But putting up some heavy competition is the Truman brewery café. It is located just a few blocks down on Brick Lane as well.