Brianna Wu’s Advice

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Brianna Wu is a young talent that can provide inspiration to many people. Brianna Wu has used her own experience to put together a great list of tips for everyone out there looking to find a path of their own. “From living 6 months out of my car, getting 2 laptops stolen by a ‘friend’, being assaulted by someone I trusted, to having a crazy pathological lying roommate who destroyed my apartment leaving me in $4,000 in debt… I definitely have been on the verge of leaving LA. Especially even trying to get my brand started. No one would take me seriously,”  Brianna Wu says, But she overcame it all. And this is how…

  1. Complaining does nothing.- Throughout her personal journey she has been faced with some tough situation. Brianna never complained though. She managed to keep persevering and adjusting her approach to things.
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2. Be a realist, not an idealist.- There are a number of things you can do if you put your mind to it. It’s okay to shoot for the stars as long as you know the amount of work it will take to reach your goals. Be realistic with yourself in knowing the effort you are willing to put forth.

3. No expectations = no disappointments.- It’s always good to go into things with an open mind. Don’t close off opportunities because you  stuck on one concept. It’ll be incredibly discouraging to have your mind set on one thing, but it doesn’t quite pan out that way. Sometimes it isn’t a loss if you fail at one thing. It is the door opening to a new, even better opportunity.

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4. College is a great option to consider.- “I took a really untraditional path in comparison to my family where everyone went to an Ivy League College. Moving out at 18 is an emotional roller coaster ride that you better be prepare for. I got messages from underclassman saying that they want to just move out to LA and start a new life. My answer to that is NO. I support college, I think it’s a great place to really test the waters and find who you are. The idea of moving to California sounds great, but if you aren’t going to be 110% committed… you won’t survive,” Brianna Wu says.

5. Follow your gut.- You gut instinct is almost always the right decision. If you really want it that badly, nothing will stop you. ”I never let my family or money stop me from doing what I wanted to do… so what’s stopping you right?”