Blogging Necessities and guides on different rules and tools

Running a fashion blog isn’t as easy as it seems. Of course, it can be a very fun career option. However, in order to operate a successful blog, you must be equipped with the proper tools. Some of our favorite bloggers have offered us some of their must haves in terms of blogging necessities. Check out this list!


My iMac & iPhone are must haves because they do everything technology wise but they’re kind of a double edged sword; they’re also excellent distractions. – Shannon Valle

HootSuite is definitely a must have. I schedule FB posts and Tweets through the platform months in advance in order to always stay ahead. – Esther Santer

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A tool I find to helpful in productivity is daily walks. I have made it a routine every afternoon to take a walk no matter how must I am even if it’s for just 5 minutes. I typically take a problem that needs solving with me on the walk and more often than not, the answer reveals itself when I get myself out of the environment that I am in. – Devin McGovern

camera is everything for Blogging . I have a compact Sony NEX-F3 that I can just toss into my everyday bag. There’s something about having an actual camera with me (as opposed to just the camera on my phone) that pushes me to look for beauty in the routine and capture that on camera. – Josephine Ellen

May we consider coffee as a tool? Kidding. Even though I’m an online girl, I’m quite old-skool when it comes to certain things. I can not live without my Moleskine year diary for example. The week planner isn’t even most important for me, but I have this thing for making to-do lists for everything. – Sophia Molen