Increase Your Productivity

Running a fashion blog is alot of fun, however it also takes alot of hard work. But often the most successful bloggers find a way to work smarter not harder. One of the best ways to do that is to adopt some well needed tools to increase productivity. Now these tools can be as simple as a notepad to jot down ideas or as advance as using wordpress to handle all the ends and out of your website.


Instead of exploring all of the possible productivity boosters you can use, some top bloggers in the fashion realm gave use some handy hints as to what helps them increase productivity. Toula Rose, Jovel Roystan and Whitney Valverde all teamed up and comprised a list of what makes their lives as fashion bloggers easier. Check out their list of top productivity tools.


Toula Rose

My Olympus Pen F is my baby! It is an amazing camera, I love that it has built in wifi and it can when shot correctly produce some stunning images.

My favourite app has got to be VSCO for editing my images – recently I have been loving whitening everything and adding a grain to the images to give them a more vintage feel.

& Of course my iPhone, I edit my images on there and recently have even been shooting a lot of my outfit pictures straight from my phone.


Jovel Roystan

I pretty much live connected to my SkullCandy Hesh 3 wireless headphones. They drown out a lot of noise, which is great in a city like New York.

Spotify Premium. I need a good soundtrack for my work sessions, and life in general.

Sheets feature in GoogleDocs. My dad encouraged me to keep a running list of all the jobs I’ve done, and I expanded on the idea to make an entire playbook for everything I’ve got going on. It’s helped me keep up with deadlines, posting schedules, to-dos. It really changed the way I operate in every way. Plus, it’s accessible no matter where I am or what device I’m on, so I have everything I need at all times.

Whitney Valverde

Google assistant runs my life reminds me of everything, answers all my questions and never asks anything of me, is that unconditional love !

My amazing camera send pics straight to my laptop, super time saving!

My supportive partner, does anything and everything I ask, when you meet the one you just know and I’ve loved him since I first met him!