Ruxandra Ioana Marinescu

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The Brussels stylist who came from nothing is building a fashion empire.

3 words aptly describe Ruxandra’s story- tribulation turn triumph. Behind the insightful styling posts on Instagram and her blog is a smart hard working person whose motto is “grit, regardless”. Proud of her humble beginning, she’s learned a lot that’s helping her maintain her spot as a respectable voice in the ever-dynamic European fashion space.  When asked about aspirations, she seems to have a matured approach to life, “it’s because at a certain age, you have other expectations from life and we need to start living more in quality than in quantity.” Ruxandra takes great mirth in uplifting people through her blog, for her “it’s like having an alternative reality, a completely different life. No financial or material compensation would ever replace that!”

It could be a tough ask to have free time with a stylist and beauty expert in today’s digital world. If Ruxandra isn’t sharing her experience and creativity on her blog and on her social media channels, you’ll probably catch her at the Royal Park of Brussels busy in her workout sessions.

You might see her adoring the poignant arts at the Marolles/Sablon area. Rux is a woman with the in-built eye for quality and style.  She also frequents the Kaffabar for their hot chocolate- a Brussels girl through and through!  Let’s have you know Ms. Rux!

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Personal Style, Fashion, and Influence

It’s true that my style has changed a lot over the years and I would most probably “blame” the fact that I moved to another country, learned to be more organized with what I buy, how I follow trends; in a way growing in what I call today my style. Even though I don’t have a specific style, I do let myself influenced by my mood, music, art, other stylists/celebrities and of course, the latest statement pieces and trends from the runway.

Passion for Fashion

I think I have always been passionate about fashion and style; it’s just that it was a bit suppressed inside of me due to my current situation at the time. I would not say I had a role model growing up, but I was always fascinated how I could pull out so many “outfits” with a simple big scarf from my grandmother’s closet back when I was like 5 years old. I guess that, in a way, her closet was my inspiration.  

Style should be Dynamic

I would say – complex and always changing. It’s like why have just pie for the rest of your life when there are so many other amazing sweets out there?

Design Influence

I would say celebrities’ outfits (I follow Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, etc.), magazines of course (Vogue is the most current one and ELLE too), and then you have really beautiful items that just inspire me to create outfits and share them with my readers.

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Driving Force

To be completely honest, I enrolled myself in college and wanted to create clothes, but when that didn’t work out, I started the blog because I was following a popular blogger from the US, Dulce Candy, that inspired me to start this journey and express myself through photos and thoughts.

Childhood and Inspiration

Except for my grandmother’s closet and the fact that I used to go through my auntie’s jewelry box, I don’t think that my family helped otherwise to cultivate this passion. I am 100% self-made.  I didn’t have much growing up, no clothes, and no finances so it was mainly just survival mode for me.  I remember that I used to lend clothes from my friends when going out and when I went to the shops in Belgium for the very first time, I remember coming home crying cause I couldn’t afford anything.

Proudest Accomplishment

I am proud of everything that I have done until now, my blog is the biggest accomplishment ever and I’m proud that I made something from nothing- I didn’t have rich parents, rich husband, rich relatives and at first, everyone was quite skeptical of what I was doing and since they didn’t understand, no one encouraged or helped me. After a while, things changed and now I have more support of course.


The fact that people know my blog and they like what I’m doing; a lot of them have been with me from the beginning and were there for me whenever I was sad or happy.  It’s like having an alternative reality, a completely different life.  No financial or material compensation would ever replace that!

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I spend a lot of time reading and documenting myself about the latest trends, designers and their legacy, searching new garments, statement pieces, investing in myself, my knowledge and so I can come up with a great outfit, tips& tricks, etc.  

Dynamic Design

I am a fan of changing styles as I don’t have one that represents me.  Now that I am approaching 30, I’m not wearing some styles anymore as they don’t fit my age.

Fashion Icons

There was a time when Rihanna was always making statement looks, but not so much anymore. I used to look up to her a lot.   I’m noticing also a twist in the fashion industry as the beauty/make-up industry is taking so much more notoriety. Nowadays people just want to have a fab make-up and dress minimalistic.   But I do also take inspiration from platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and fashion magazines like Vogue.

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Fashion Objective

I intend to try to tap more on the beauty niche and matching make-up with my outfits more.


I want to start vlogging. I want to start buying fewer items that are more in value and doing a closet detox more often.  It’s because at a certain age, you have other expectations from life and we need to start living more in quality than in quantity.

Favorite Fashion Accessory

I have a lot of favorites, but I am currently seeking the iconic YSL logo drop earrings (they’re vintage and hard to find) so let’s say that would be my favorite for now ;).

Area of Fashion Expertise

I think the styling is my thing. I also work as a stylist for that matter.

How the Best Stylist and Fashionistas Imitate 

Most of them take inspiration from the outfit posts.  A lot of people ask me how the things fit, but other than that, they try to “copy” the look that they see created.  Also, I see people saving the outfits for future inspiration.

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Ruxandra Ioana Marinescu