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Amy Roiland is the definition of capturing personality in a single snapshot. With her unique style, inspiring settings and mesmerizing beauty, each and every photo she creates is magic. Seeking inspiration from a variety of sources, when asked how she would describe her style, Amy sums the complexity of her style in a simple sentence. “My style is 1960s meets Wes Anderson meets current Gucci with a modern twist. I wear what I like and I don’t follow any trends,” Amy exclaims!

Growing Up

Looking at Amy’s style, you probably wouldn’t guess that she grew up on a farm. “I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere up north in Manteca. I love nature and always have. I love incorporating nature and flowers into my shots. I love adventure too and lately I have been wanting to branch out more and take pictures in some awesome locations,” Amy describes. Her adventurous ways then transcribed into her style. Around the age of 16, Amy became hooked on fashion and hasn’t looked back since.

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Amy works hard to capture her creative visions onto film. Believe it or not, Amy’s photos are not done by a professional. She takes her own photos or sometimes have a friend to do it. “I do my own photography always.. If I don’t take my own images I hand the camera to a friend who can take them and I go home and edit them.  Lately my friend Heather has been taking my images with her awesome Canon camera. Any selfies you see or any close-up shots on backdrops are in my studio by me,” Amy says.


Amy has many sources of inspiration. Looking at her style, the first thing you may notice is the nod to the 60’s mod era. Her infamous short hair, cropped just beneath her jawline, screams I LOVE THE 60’S! This paired with her love for Wes Anderson and many modern designers has created her unique flare. “I am so inspired by Gucci lately, Alessandro is a walking genius. Everything he creates inspires me. I watch their runway shows and I flip out. I also love watching anything and everything by Wes Anderson, he is my ultimate inspiration and has been since forever. I love his color theme in every movie, 60s pinks and blues. I also love watching 1960s french films as well. These inspire me to design more,” Amy describes.

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Amy is the CEO of an increasingly popular fashion app. “FashionTap is an entire fashion social network where people can tag their exact items to their images and drive sales and make commissions. They can also be found and find others by what they do in fashion and where they are located. FashionTap also makes every social network shoppable: IG, Twitter, FB, Pinterest, ETC.  I created the entire app because I realized a huge hole in fashion, you cannot locate anyone by what they do and where they live… It goes both ways.. Brands can now easily locate people to work with and people can be found for work.  Not to mention we are SOCIAL COMMERCE, allowing users to drive direct sales for these companies.. We just got a new partner and we are expanding in China. Should be awesome,” Amy explains.


While fashion and style will always play a tremendous part of Amy’s life, Amy plans to expand her brand beyond just blogging and her app. She has hopes of becoming a big, household name. She is also interested in expanding her collection of eyewear. She currently designs her own sunglasses in her free time and wants to increase that aspect of her brand over time. “I see myself becoming a big eyewear designer. I want to create an incredible eyewear brand, I have the entire idea in my head.. One day soon I can start, I need investors,” Amy exclaims!

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What are you reading these days?  

The China Study and The guide to spirituality. I am trying to grow my spiritual side and my healthy side lately.  

What style/fashion accessory is your favorite?

Sunglasses/eyewear of course, I style my looks around them!  #eyewearblogger

If you can/could consider yourself an expert in one area of style/fashion, what would it be?

Eyewear !

Can you give me a tutorial on how people can best incorporate that style/fashion advice in their life?

Whatever you feel most comfortable in, but try to add accessories to make any look super fun. Add some earrings or a hat or socks with your shoes.

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