Do What You Love | Jovel Roystan

LUX Magazine canva-photo-editor-62 Do What You Love | Jovel Roystan

“I’m basically just a regular guy with way too much clothing who takes pictures and makes videos while strangers walk past on the sidewalk and judge me,” Jovel Roystan says jokingly.

But all jokes aside Jovel is really the go-to person for promoting menswear brands and making them look cool. How fun is that! There’s no guessing that Jovel loves his career and has a lot of passion for fashion!

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For Jovel the journey began literally just doing what he loves.Who knew it would turn into a full blown career. “It really just started from me sharing what was interesting and cool to me. I made a Tumblr page back in 2010 and posted what I liked and what was real and relevant to me—from fashion and modern art to Bible study posts and pictures of pokemon (yes, I’m a total nerd)—and, what do you know, people actually cared about what I was putting out there. The following year, I launched a joint blog with a college friend of mine and that led to amazing projects, opportunities and memories that shaped the way I look at a lot of things, including my potential and the ability for someone to make their own way if they just focus and try. In the past two years, however, I’ve really tried to step out of the typical “blogger” box as it relates to my style and content, and I’ve been blessed to see amazing growth across my platforms. I launched my personal site at the end of 2016, and now, I’m just trying to continue building my brand and content in a strong and substantive way,” Jovel says.

“My style is like a mood ring!” -Jovel Roystan

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Intrigued by his intense passion, I asked Jovel to reminisce on when he first felt the spark between him and fashion. He took me back to his freshman year of college. “Looking back on things, I suppose I always was interested in style, but it wasn’t until my freshman year in college that I really dove into this world. I was cast in the Homecoming fashion shows (as a model) at my school, Morehouse College, and our neighboring institution, Clark Atlanta University. The crew and other models were all so cool and fun to be around, and I started to appreciate the industry for its openness to so many different types of people, lifestyles, and personalities. Also, I found a new type of confidence through my style that really evolved to a greater confidence in myself as a whole, and that’s drastically changed the way that I look at and approach everything around me,” Jovel explains.


Jovel has had a wonderful experience so far in the world of fashion. When I asked him what was his biggest milestone, it was hard for him to pinpoint a specific moment. And that is exactly how life should be! “I think the journey as a whole is something that I’m really proud of. It’s sort of funny, because a lot of people look at me now and think I was just some pretty boy who comes from money and started posting pics on Instagram, but that’s so not the case. My family was always okay financially, but I was nowhere near being someone who could just ball out on clothing or trips or anything like that. I was a full-ride scholarship student who survived off of my refund check every year, and I’ve worked really hard for every single thing I’ve gotten since I left—from teaching myself all of the special skills that I use on the daily to disciplining myself to effectively balance two full-time jobs, a social life, and complete consistency with my content. Not to sound like an ass, but I honestly believe I deserve everything I’ve gotten so far,” Jovel expresses.

“However, I think seeing the fruits of my labor day after day has helped me build my faith and my life in a really strong, stable way. So I think my answer would be: just thinking about all that God’s been doing and everything that He has ahead. I mean, honestly, I sit back and just laugh sometimes in complete awe, and thank Him because He’s really doing so much for me that I could never do on my own. So, that internal sense that I’m doing exactly what He wants me to be doing makes me feel really good,” Jovel continues.

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Think about the 80/20 rule; if you get 80% of your impact from 20% of what you do, what is that 20% for you as it pertains to developing and expressing your personal style?

I work on a lot of different types of projects throughout the year, but I’d say my style videos have really changed the game for me. It’s a small portion of my content mix, but they drive so much engagement.

What about discovering new styles to incorporate into your look and style?

For me, I really gather a lot of inspo from the ‘gram. Some of the guys that I follow… they’re just amazing, and they really push me to try new things. Also, my job keeps me pretty current on a lot of the seasonal trends that are coming ahead. For example, we’re pushing a ton of Westerwear right now and I’m obsessed with it. I plan on becoming a Brooklyn cowboy this spring, haha.

Who do you consider the icons in the fashion & design industry?

Honestly, I really don’t spend too much time thinking about icons. Not that I don’t respect them, because I certainly do, but they don’t cross my mind much. I’m way more interested in the modern game-changers, the future icons (if that’s the term you’d choose to use). I think Luka Sabbat is a king right now. I wouldn’t necessarily wear all of what he rocks, but his effortless swagger makes it all look perfect. From a design perspective, Daniel Arsham is always a source of inspiration for me—and someone who I’d definitely consider one of the leading contemporary artists in the game right now. As fashion houses, I’ve always loved Dior Homme, and Balenciaga has my attention at the moment.

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Jovel Roystan




Forever Fashionista | Whitney Valveverde

LUX Magazine whitney-valverde100-1200x1800 Forever Fashionista | Whitney Valveverde

“I started just sharing what I was loving in fashion and lifestyle generally. Slowly people started asking for specific content and I developed a loyal group of ‘followers’ that I engage with regularly which has grown and evolved into the resource that is www.WhitneysWonderland.Com. We cover everything from fashion and makeup to travel and fine dining, anything that I’m doing that I think people will enjoy hearing about really! My Insta page is an extension of the Blog and is somewhere I can show glimpses into some of the amazing things I get to do and experience!” -Whitney Valveverde

It’s funny how sharing just a little glimpse of your life can bring joy to so many other people. Whitney simply does the things that she loves and people take away a lot of inspiration from that. But it’s hard not to be inspired by her creativity and the thrill she brings to life!

LUX Magazine whitney-valverde103-1200x1800 Forever Fashionista | Whitney Valveverde


Whitney had been into fashion from a very young age. In fact when I asked her to share some of her first fashion memories, she went back to a time where would sew little dresses for her barbie dolls and coordinate fashion shows for them. As time went on she continued to advance her talents and even got her first degree in fashion and design. And with a little love and support, something she loved became a career for her.

“My partner is super supportive of everything I do and while it was always inside he gave me the push I needed. He suggested I start a blog years ago, almost more as a diary than anything else, I really didn’t think anyone would be that bothered about reading it, it was really just for me! Suddenly I was getting emails from people wanting to know where I had got a certain piece or how I thought they should style an outfit they had bought and it gave me the confidence to keep pushing and it just grew from there,” Whitney exclaims!

LUX Magazine Whitney-Valverde1 Forever Fashionista | Whitney Valveverde

“My grandma was a huge inspiration in my life generally but also in fashion. Aside from being an immaculately turned out lady she sat with me making the dresses for my dolls and finding little offcuts of fabric for me to use. She was the one who sowed the seed all those years ago and it has grown into who I am today…with a lot of watering along the way.” -Whitney Valve

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Whitney has been able to achieve a lot of things in fashion. I was eager to hear some of her proudest moments. “Gosh it’s really hard to single out different things as everything I have achieved and all the people who have helped me feel like an integral part of my journey. From getting my degree and creating that first collection that i am still so proud of, to those first steps in the blogging world and winning a cosmopolitan blog award at the end of 2016 to the first brand that believed in me enough to hire me and work with me when I was just starting out. Every step has been a real achievement for me and I am so grateful for every part of this incredible journey!

Outside of my own achievements, being able to help the people I love and the causes I feel strongly about has been so unbelievably rewarding. My dad always said to me that the best gift anyone can give you is to let you help them, I never understood it and used to think it was just a corney nonsense he would say to try and make me and my brother better people. The older I get the more true it feels. I love being able to help someone and see the difference that help makes in their life. It started when I gave a box of my old clothes ( I get gifted a lot of wonderful things so have a lot of clothes!) to a very poor family in costa rica for their daughters, I thought little of it but the children were crying they were so happy which made their mum cry and then I was crying but it was all out of happiness! Now I am so lucky to be able to continue doing things like that but also to support larger scale projects that can do even more to help. It’s hard to describe the feeling, but rewarding is a good start,” Whitney explains.

LUX Magazine whitney-valverde107-1200x1800 Forever Fashionista | Whitney Valveverde

Think about the 80/20 rule; if you get 80% of your impact from 20% of what you do, what is that 20% for you as it pertains to developing and expressing your personal style?

Accessories can change everything, if your looking for big impact from little effort then think about how you can add a little something to really make the outfit pop. A great example are the leather flowers sold by J Lang, they are magnetic fastend and can be added to any outfit to make it your own and lift a plain dress or bag to a whole other level! I also still add little details to bit I buy like stitching a cheap bracelet to the side of a pair of socks or even just adding a scarf to a bag or outfit can change everything. Every woman should invest in some scarves!  

What about discovering new styles to incorporate into your look and style?

I am constantly traveling for work which is 95% blessing and 5% curse but it does mean I am exposed to so many different styles and cultures and they say mimicking is the sincerest form of flattery so I try and take something away from everywhere I visit and incorporate it into a look

Who do you consider the icons in the fashion & design industry?

Wow there are so many how long do you have! Azzedine Alaïa, Giorgio Armani, Cristobal Balenciaga, Sara Blakely, Pierre Cardin, Jacques Cartier, Hussein Chalayan are all heros of mine. The list is almost endless, having studied fashion I used to spend endless nights pawing through old collections and discovering new heros all the time! Coco Chanel’s life was an incredible story and unbelievable achievement from such a canny lady, Iris Apfel breaking down boundaries for so many years and still going strong! I have so many but these jump to mind in the moment!

LUX Magazine whitney-valverde108-1200x1798 Forever Fashionista | Whitney Valveverde

Whitney Valveverde



A Mother’s Touch | Simona Totaro

LUX Magazine 1593536104527534142 A Mother’s Touch | Simona Totaro

“My mother always asked me to style my own clothes, and I grew up with this ‘exercise’.  So I always had an eye for fashion from a young age, she made me mix different patterns and styles.  So, when I started my blog in 2012, fashion was a natural choice for me. The blog started as a hobby, as a new way to communicate with people, I was young and I loved it!” -Simona Totaro

LUX Magazine 1603913815238233218 A Mother’s Touch | Simona Totaro

It’s funny how the little touches a mom adds to life can have an everlasting impact on you. That was the case for the lovely Simona Totaro. It was her mom who stressed the importance of style to her and it certainly stuck. Now Simona is a very popular influencer and yes, you guessed it, fashion is her niche!


Since Simona was a little girl fashion was something that was always around. Her family owned a clothing store in Italy, so it’s no surprise that she’s always had a keen sense of style. As she got older, she worked in the family business as a buying assistant and she enjoyed it very much. She also had some amazing fashion experiences along the way. “I started super early, back in 2013, I was really young and I was already going to fashion shows. I was a reporter for L’Oreal and I worked as a dresser at Cavalli backstage for example. I always tried to be an fashion insider, I was always curious,” Simona shares. However, it was her new hobby that gave her the opportunity for her current career.

LUX Magazine 1626067541310604949 A Mother’s Touch | Simona Totaro


Simona took on the role as a fashion influencer and shares her knowledge of fashion with people around the world. In 2016, she even won the top Calvin Klein blogger competition. “I had to take pictures with Calvin Klein watches, in different places, so, in less than 30 days I posted more than 200 pictures about it, with the competition hashtag. As a prize, I went to NYC with the brand and it was an amazing experience,” Simona exclaims!

LUX Magazine 1707259505489579249 A Mother’s Touch | Simona Totaro

Think about the 80/20 rule; if you get 80% of your impact from 20% of what you do, what is that 20% for you as it pertains to developing and expressing your personal style?

Transparency of my personal style and being myself all the time.

What’s the next frontier in building your tribe?

I want to start doing some videos and start my own YouTube channel.

What style/fashion accessory is your favorite?


If you can/could consider yourself an expert in one area of style/fashion, what would it be?

I would be a stylist for sure.  I love choosing and mixing outfits.

Can you give me a tutorial on how people can best incorporate that style/fashion advice in their life?

First you should find your personal style, your essence, and don’t be afraid to be yourself.

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Simona Totaro




Fashion Trip | Daniela Correia

LUX Magazine 96d72f_45b6e907404748beb3cf99ef2b1eecca-mv2_d_5534_3744_s_4_2-1200x812 Fashion Trip | Daniela Correia travel Style Fashion blog

Fashion and travel, a duo that never dies.

Traveling can be great inspiration for style and your style can be inspiring to others you meet in your travels. This classic pairing of a love of travel and fashion is the foundation of Daniela Correia’s works. She has created a place to share her adventurous fashion and travels.

“I am sharing what I like the most in life, Fashion and Travel. I don’t pretend to be an influencer, I was just like to write about the things I’m passionate about. And I want to share with people that they can realise their dream to travel in the magnificent places that I am sharing or even wear the crazy stuff that I do as well. Nobody should be ashamed of anything in their life. We should just do what we like.

LUX Magazine Daniela-Correia1 Fashion Trip | Daniela Correia travel Style Fashion blog

I share love for anybody who wants to receive it,” Daniela says.


Daniela was into fashion for as long as she remembers. She grew up creating her own living room fashion shows and tearing down the runway in her mom’s clothes and shoes. As she grew older, the world became her runway. Living in different cities has inspired her fashion. For instance, living in California brought the free spirit out of Daniela. “I love to say that I am a hippy. I lived in California for a year and that really brainwashed me. I love the Boho style. Everything is so simple and colorful. I don’t know, it’s just the style where I feel the most comfortable. Unfortunately, Living in Switzerland is not easy to find those beautiful boho items than I did in California,” Daniela explains.

LUX Magazine Daniela-Correia6 Fashion Trip | Daniela Correia travel Style Fashion blog

“I have always been a happy kid and really enthusiastic in what I did. When you grow up, you lose a bit this mentality but traveling makes me realise what really matters and I come back from my many travels with this mentality of being still this kid dreaming.” -Daniela Correia

LUX Magazine Daniela-Correia5 Fashion Trip | Daniela Correia travel Style Fashion blog

Life lesson

The lesson here is to not be bound by anything if it keeps you from exploring the things you love. Let your adventurous side lead you to your dreams. It will leave you with a happy, loving and satisfying life. Don’t be that person that has to live with the doubt of not fulfilling your true destiny. Go after what you want, no matter where it leads you!

Can you give me a tutorial on how people can best incorporate that style/fashion advice in their life?

People must be feeling good about themselves otherwise nothing is gonna be beautiful on them. The most important thing on earth for me regarding fashion is to feel good about yourself and then we can work on which style reflects your personality. Because style is just a way to express yourself without speaking.

“I want people who follow me to be motivated every time i post something. I hope that people won’t hesitate to ask anything about style, motivation, goals, travel, fashion or even beauty!” -Daniela Correia

What are your favorite places to travel to?  Why?

California, Los angeles (because of the craziness and the artistic way of this busy city)

San Diego (because it reminds me so much souvenirs in my head that changed me forever)

What’s next?  & why?

I will be moving, I hope, pretty soon in order to accomplish my dreams in California.

What are you reading these days?

Eat, Pray, Love

LUX Magazine 96d72f_f6ab3f395a0a453ab745512ba0880795-mv2 Fashion Trip | Daniela Correia travel Style Fashion blog

Daniela Correia




SnapChat: @daniicatzz

Forever Fashion | Atsuna Matsui

LUX Magazine atsunamatsui_185030310_2374574942685913_2771101987693475025_n Forever Fashion | Atsuna Matsui womenswear stylist Style modern Fashion Blogger

For as long as she could remember, Atsuna Matsui has always had an interest in fashion. Fashion is Atsuna’s outlet to self-expression and since her childhood she was always very expressive through fashion, even if she wasn’t able to express herself in other forms. “I was always very much interested in fashion for as long as I could remember. It was always a form of self-expression to me and a representation of what I was feeling that day. Growing up as a kid, I had a very shy personality, but I always took bold risks with fashion because it was essentially a creative outlet for me to be whoever I wanted to be,” Atsuna says.

As far as her career in the fashion industry, Atsuna started off as a photographer. “Photography was my greatest passion since I was twelve and through photography, I learned a lot about composition, color, and lighting. When I ended up becoming a blogger, I used a lot of my photography knowledge and incorporated that background into blogging,” Atsuna recalls. With the love of photography and growing audience, Astuna tried to branch out and try something new. it only took one post to help her expand her goals and give her the confidence to pursue more. “I initially started out as a photography account on Instagram. Then, I posted my first outfit photo and noticed so much more engagement on that photo so I started incorporating more photos with me in them. Eventually, I converted my Instagram photography account to a beauty, lifestyle, and fashion account. One thing that I love about blogging and social media is the community you build with your followers and other fellow bloggers so engaging with other users was what made it so fun and motivated me to always self-improve,” Atsuna explains.

LUX Magazine atsunamatsui_243311106_339182404652578_1331396144266171645_n Forever Fashion | Atsuna Matsui womenswear stylist Style modern Fashion Blogger

Personal style

Since Atsuna has been interested in fashion for so long, she has her personal style down pact. Her style is interesting, combining simplistic pieces with trendy counterparts. She is not afraid to make a bold statement. “As a born-and-bred Los Angeles girl that is accustomed to nearly year-round warm weather, my sense of style is minimal, breezy casual luxe with a touch of nonchalance. I balance between trendy pieces and classic, timeless basic threads to create fashionable ensemble,” Atsuna describes.

“I think, to a large extent people are defined by the things they say no to.  I think this can also be applied to style and aesthetics.  I try not to do excessive things and I generally stick to what I’m into the most.” -Atsuna Matsui

LUX Magazine atsunamatsui_262300000_203001381914439_7247289615248486966_n Forever Fashion | Atsuna Matsui womenswear stylist Style modern Fashion Blogger


Atsuna has accomplished great things in her career. One of the biggest accomplishments was her ability to convert a hobby into a full blown career. Trust me, it’s certainly something that not everyone can do. However, with her perseverance and optimistic outlook on life, she was able to find the key to success. “I think the constant novelty and challenges are at times difficult, but they also make it new and rewarding.  Being self employed, you need to be a self-starter and always striving and pushing yourself which is something that I know will never go away on this path I’ve put myself on,” Atsuna explains.

Stay True

I find reaching people on social media to be so fascinating.  There is so much potential there and yet there is a dark side to it as well and I want to address that here.  I am by nature a very private person, but I also want to deeply connect with my followers.  Navigating through the pitfalls of adult life we learn so much and can go through many hardships, but I hope that whoever reads this doesn’t ever lose hope in themselves and in the importance of maintaining values and virtue while doing it. Nobody talks about integrity and virtue anymore and I think that’s something that’s lost in our culture today and I don’t think it needs to be that way.  

“I want everyone who reads this to know that I believe firmly in the fact that you can always improve and that nobody out there is better than you, no one.” -Atsuna Matsui

LUX Magazine atsunamatsui_286485942_384957940116744_190695939472840820_n Forever Fashion | Atsuna Matsui womenswear stylist Style modern Fashion Blogger

Who do you consider the icons in the fashion & design industry?

Youji Yamamoto, Rick Owens, Ellen von Unwerth, Ryan Mcginley.  I know the latter two are photographers, but they have had an impact on me.

What’s the next frontier in building your tribe?

First off, I love that you used the word tribe,  I think it speaks to the true essence of the need of belonging for people.  I want to continue to just fine tune my social media outlets.  Curate better and take things in a more interesting direction.

What’s next?  & why?

In general, I am always looking toward the future, but there are so many possibilities right now, I just haven’t completely decided on one yet, so we will have to see.

What are you reading these days?

I think we all don’t read enough these days, so I can’t say that I have been reading that much at the moment.  Alain De Botton is a writer and philosopher that I always enjoy reading and there’s another book,  Triggers, by Malcolm Goldsmith.

LUX Magazine atsunamatsui_291584411_3278617252412858_2548408521358766867_n Forever Fashion | Atsuna Matsui womenswear stylist Style modern Fashion Blogger

Atsuna Matsui





MODern Spark | Amy Roiland

LUX Magazine MG_8258-1200x800 MODern Spark | Amy Roiland

Amy Roiland is the definition of capturing personality in a single snapshot. With her unique style, inspiring settings and mesmerizing beauty, each and every photo she creates is magic. Seeking inspiration from a variety of sources, when asked how she would describe her style, Amy sums the complexity of her style in a simple sentence. “My style is 1960s meets Wes Anderson meets current Gucci with a modern twist. I wear what I like and I don’t follow any trends,” Amy exclaims!

Growing Up

Looking at Amy’s style, you probably wouldn’t guess that she grew up on a farm. “I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere up north in Manteca. I love nature and always have. I love incorporating nature and flowers into my shots. I love adventure too and lately I have been wanting to branch out more and take pictures in some awesome locations,” Amy describes. Her adventurous ways then transcribed into her style. Around the age of 16, Amy became hooked on fashion and hasn’t looked back since.

LUX Magazine MG_8248-1200x800 MODern Spark | Amy Roiland


Amy works hard to capture her creative visions onto film. Believe it or not, Amy’s photos are not done by a professional. She takes her own photos or sometimes have a friend to do it. “I do my own photography always.. If I don’t take my own images I hand the camera to a friend who can take them and I go home and edit them.  Lately my friend Heather has been taking my images with her awesome Canon camera. Any selfies you see or any close-up shots on backdrops are in my studio by me,” Amy says.


Amy has many sources of inspiration. Looking at her style, the first thing you may notice is the nod to the 60’s mod era. Her infamous short hair, cropped just beneath her jawline, screams I LOVE THE 60’S! This paired with her love for Wes Anderson and many modern designers has created her unique flare. “I am so inspired by Gucci lately, Alessandro is a walking genius. Everything he creates inspires me. I watch their runway shows and I flip out. I also love watching anything and everything by Wes Anderson, he is my ultimate inspiration and has been since forever. I love his color theme in every movie, 60s pinks and blues. I also love watching 1960s french films as well. These inspire me to design more,” Amy describes.

LUX Magazine MG_7868-1200x755 MODern Spark | Amy Roiland


Amy is the CEO of an increasingly popular fashion app. “FashionTap is an entire fashion social network where people can tag their exact items to their images and drive sales and make commissions. They can also be found and find others by what they do in fashion and where they are located. FashionTap also makes every social network shoppable: IG, Twitter, FB, Pinterest, ETC.  I created the entire app because I realized a huge hole in fashion, you cannot locate anyone by what they do and where they live… It goes both ways.. Brands can now easily locate people to work with and people can be found for work.  Not to mention we are SOCIAL COMMERCE, allowing users to drive direct sales for these companies.. We just got a new partner and we are expanding in China. Should be awesome,” Amy explains.


While fashion and style will always play a tremendous part of Amy’s life, Amy plans to expand her brand beyond just blogging and her app. She has hopes of becoming a big, household name. She is also interested in expanding her collection of eyewear. She currently designs her own sunglasses in her free time and wants to increase that aspect of her brand over time. “I see myself becoming a big eyewear designer. I want to create an incredible eyewear brand, I have the entire idea in my head.. One day soon I can start, I need investors,” Amy exclaims!

LUX Magazine MG_7353-1200x898 MODern Spark | Amy Roiland

What are you reading these days?  

The China Study and The guide to spirituality. I am trying to grow my spiritual side and my healthy side lately.  

What style/fashion accessory is your favorite?

Sunglasses/eyewear of course, I style my looks around them!  #eyewearblogger

If you can/could consider yourself an expert in one area of style/fashion, what would it be?

Eyewear !

Can you give me a tutorial on how people can best incorporate that style/fashion advice in their life?

Whatever you feel most comfortable in, but try to add accessories to make any look super fun. Add some earrings or a hat or socks with your shoes.

LUX Magazine MG_8128 MODern Spark | Amy Roiland

Amy Roiland



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Creative Inspiration | Zia Domic

LUX Magazine Zia-Domic-Hunter-Collector-4 Creative Inspiration | Zia Domic womenswear Style Fashion Blogger

Here at LUX we admire creative vision. Running a fashion blog takes A LOT of creativity. Putting together looks, capturing the attention of an audience, and creating promotions all take a large amount of inventiveness. The more imaginative you are, the better the outcome.  

Using herself as a muse, fashion blogger, Zia Domic, expresses her creative side through her personal style. Above all else, she inspires others to unleash their originality too! “I followed other blogs and felt I had something to contribute by starting my own, I have been collecting clothes since high school and believe if you buy quality you will own certain pieces for a lifetime. I love to incorporate my older pieces with new ones, ultimately hoping to inspire others along the way,” Zia says.

LUX Magazine Zia-Domic-Hunter-Collector-2 Creative Inspiration | Zia Domic womenswear Style Fashion Blogger

Zia’s Style

Zia style has a lot if class and even more sassiness. She often pairs more simplistic pieces with bold prints and vibrant accessories. She is really great at using a pop of color to bring her fun outfits to life. “My parents are European and have great appreciation for clothes raising me to believe you should always look your best, polished and stylish. I’ve been a fashion lover since early childhood; I’ve always had a strong sense of personal style and recall arguing with my mom in first grade over what to wear to school. With the option of wearing, whatever I feel like now, I love classic styles with a little femininity or rocker chic edge,” Zia explains.


Zia’s blog has become extremely popular among the crowd.  She has over 48,000 followers on Instagram which has helped her translate into a highly successful blog. “The day my blog was launched I was extremely emotional. I felt I had accomplished such a huge feat,” Zia recalls. Looking back now, Zia realizes that her blog is only the beginning. Since she has been featured in Redbook magazine and has thought about expanding her brand even further. “Expanding to YouTube, as an actor I have a hard time posting anything that’s not perfect on all levels although I know YouTube is not about professional perfection.  I also hope to expand into travel because I love it and it inspires my style,” Zia exclaims!

While having all of these opportunities is beyond Zia’s wildest dreams, it’s the personal reward that provides Zia with great satisfaction. “Refining my own style has been the most rewarding aspect of my blogging career. as the stakes are higher being in the public eye. Also meeting so many wonderful like-minded people, although there are some people out there that I have met and weren’t so wonderful. The fashion world is very competitive on all levels and it motivates me to be the best,” Zia says.

LUX Magazine Zia-Domic-Hunter-Collector-6 Creative Inspiration | Zia Domic womenswear Style Fashion Blogger

Think about the 80/20 rule; if you get 80% of your impact from 20% of what you do, what is that 20% for you as it pertains to developing and expressing your personal style?


What about discovering new styles to incorporate into your look and style?


Who do you consider the icons in the fashion & design industry?


What style/fashion accessory is your favorite?


If you can/could consider yourself an expert in one area of style/fashion, what would it be?


LUX Magazine Zia-Domic-Hunter-Collector-2 Creative Inspiration | Zia Domic womenswear Style Fashion Blogger

Zia Domic




Creative Foundation

LUX Magazine 04 Creative Foundation Style modern minimal luxury Fashion bags

Craig Steely explores the creative expression behind architecture.

The creative arts field is a huge industry. You have people that do everything from painting, drawing, music production, to fashion designing. But, one creative expression we often forget is the art of architecture. Ever just looked at a building design and explored the beauty of the structure? The aesthetic and the function is so personal. And each architect has their own style.

Craig Steely has been in the architecture field for many years. From an early age he knew he wanted to be an architect.  “I remember the moment it “gelled” for me.  I was around 14 and visiting the Sea Ranch community along the northern coast of California. I had spent the morning wandering around construction sites and sketching houses.  Back at the place we were staying I found an old Sunset magazine laying around and honestly it was probably the first time I ever realized there was a thing called an “architect”—something different from just building, more like thinking about the possibilities of building.”  Craig recalls.

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“I remember thinking “I should do this, I could do this!”

Designing Process

The creative process of designing building is much like that of designing fashion or creating music. You want it to have a certain appeal. You also want to invoke some of your own style through the structural design. Even though you have a client to please, creating a design is sort of like an extension of you. Craig, like many designers, has a sketch pad with models that he envisions in his head. Once a client becomes available he can then make modifications that incorporate the needs of his client.

Once the building comes to life, the finish product will still capture the essence and design of what he envisioned while remaining functional for the needs of his client. In comparison to fashion design, it’s sort of like the designer who creates a beautiful piece of clothing for a high profile celebrity. The celebrity requires alterations so things get modified to accommodate the wants and needs of the star. “It’s like solving a riddle. When I’m designing, in my mind I have “glimpses” of a finished project. Then at a certain point while designing, I begin to see the shapes come to life before my eyes,” Craig says.

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The Client

Imagine you have the resources to build your dream home. You have this elaborate list of things you just have to have. Of course the typical person can’t just pull out the bricks and cement and build their home without any help. Your best bet is to find an architect. It’s important to find one that can relate to your style. It’s their job to take the vision you have in your head and put it before your eyes. That’s why the relationship between the architect and the client is so critical. “The clients become good friends.” Finished buildings come out so much better when the foundation of the building is the relationship developed between the architect and client.

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“You should only work for clients you respect. Only do projects you can find something interesting in—be protective of your passion for what you do.”

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Craig has done projects all over the world. In fact one of the aspects of his job that he finds most rewarding is the places that architecture has taken him. Some of his most rewarding projects have been located on the Hawaiian Islands.  “My Hawaii projects as a whole feel like a strong step towards an architecture that connects to nature in a contemporary way using contrast along with other more subtle ways of relating to the land than just the visual.”  He is inspired to create architecture that integrates technological advances to nature. Where better to find inspiration than in the beauty of nature. “Architecture is uniquely positioned to promote the understanding that technology and nature must co-exist together. For me it’s continuing the search in my projects for a balance between rustic camping and the feeling of the Farnsworth House.”

“Travel to experience great buildings.”

Who do you consider the classic icons in architecture?

I’m interested in the work of Paulo Mendes De Rocha in Brazil, particularly his houses from the 70’s. There is a roughness and purity to the forms and materials that create a sensuality to the spaces.

What books would you recommend?

Read everything!

Read the architect and writer Pierluigi Serriano. I don’t know anyone more versed and knowledgeable on the roots of California Modernism. He searches out the rare and obscure. And he has a visceral and deeply personal knowledge of it — tracking down buildings and befriending the surviving architects involved to get a deeper narrative. Read all of his books. They can be read on multiple levels— visually (they are always filled with great architecture photos), as historic architecture narrative, or about the personalities of the architects behind seminal buildings.

Modern design in architecture is often revered and misunderstood at the same time. Why do you think that people in America have such misunderstood feelings about modernism?

Perhaps the misunderstanding comes from experiencing poor or inappropriate examples of it. Or maybe it is because some people see the world changing too quickly and others want it to change faster. I think it comes down to those who look forward or only look backwards. To me it seems inappropriate to build with new technologies and materials in any other way.

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Craig Steely



Life of Fashion | Jessica Hunter

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Some find their calling early in life and never let it go. For Jessica Hunter, fashion was always something that intrigued and lead her to her calling. Her primary goal is to inspire others. Whether it be through style,  story or the content she creates. Jessica wants every person she encounters to come away from an interaction with her or her brand feeling empowered.

“Style has been something that interested me since I was little. I loved to go shopping, and would plan my outfits weeks in advance when I was in grade school. Oddly enough though, it wasn’t until I had graduated from college and started working in finance that I realized that style and fashion were what truly inspired me. Women like Tamara Mellon the founder of Jimmy Choo and Kate Moss were my icons and so when I relocated to Scottsdale after more than 5 years in finance, I took my first step into the fashion industry working part time as a Sales Associate at Jimmy Choo,” Jessica shares.

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Interested in learning more about Jessica’s love of fashion, I asked her if she could share some of her first fashion memories. Right away, this question took Jessica all the way back to her childhood. Her mom and dad are her first and favorite fashion icons and even inspired her blog.

“Growing up, my mom was a corporate powerhouse and would dress in absolutely immaculate Armani suits, TSE cashmere and David Yurman cuffs. She had her finger on the pulse of timeless fashion since before I can remember. She is my Chic.

My dad on the other hand, had his own way of dressing that was equally as stylish, yet could not be more opposite Ripped up 501’s, Chuck Taylor’s that he had sharpied drawings onto and a ornate hat and sunglass collection that would rival any collector. He is my Disheveled.

Together they taught me the value of High-Low fashion, taking risks and that confidence is key when it comes to style,” Jessica lovingly describes.

As the conversation kept flowing, I learned that her mom and dad weren’t the only ones who had a hand in Jessica’s journey to pursue a career in the fashion industry. As fate had it set out, her brother and his wife played a crucial part!

“I was in New York for the first time visiting my brother and his girlfriend (now wife) Roxanne. As fate would have it, they lived blocks from the Lincoln Center and New York Fashion Week was in full swing.

We were walking through the neighborhood one day and I saw a group of people running through to the tents with long sleeve shirts on that read ‘volunteer’.  I immediately went home to look up the program and applied to volunteer for the next season. Because of my retail sales experience I was accepted and went on to volunteer and eventually work for LDJ productions as a volunteer team manager.

That experience really lit a fire under my ass to find fashion wherever I could get my hands on it, which eventually led to my career as a fashion stylist. Through time I realized that it was street style and my own personal relationship with style that inspired me more than  publishing high fashion editorials, so I started my blog, Chic & Disheveled. I felt like so many people misunderstood what high fashion editorials tried to convey so I began to dissect trends and translate them into something more relatable, Jessica reveals.

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One thing you have to know about Jessica is that she really enjoys putting her style on display. This doesn’t mean flashy or super fancy. Jessica has a more laid-back approach to fashion, however she wears everything with confidence. The confidence she brings allows her style to stand out and her personality to shine through.

“Comfort + Confidence are the two major factors in my style. It doesn’t matter how trendy or ‘IN’ something is, if I feel like an asshole wearing it, it will never make it to my closet. Comfortable doesn’t just mean leggings either – (but I am a BIG fan of the athleisure trend). To me, comfort goes way beyond how comfy something feels. It also has to do with mental comfort, you have to feel your best regardless of what’s trending or what a Personal Stylist tries to sell you.  

Style is such a personal thing for me, and it comes from so many different channels that it’s hard to pinpoint just one. It is totally irrational and feeling based. I know it when I see it because of how it makes me feel. I still create actual lookbooks with fashion magazines which is a time-honored tradition from girl’s night with my mom and sister.

Instagram and Pinterest are also great source of inspiration because I am such a visual creature that seeing cool pictures often lead to ah-ha moments about what I wear and how I style it,” Jessica explains.

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Future in Fashion

Jessica wants to continue to find new ways of sharing her style and helping others discover theirs. And she also is growing in  personal sense too. I couldn’t wait to find out what she has in store for us next!

“Businesswise, my next main focus is to develop my e-newsletter and start sending that out consistently. I have been building my subscriber list for a while now and am in the final throes of design. I want it to really benefit peoples’ lives and have it be something people look forward to so I am really taking my time to make sure that the content is engaging and worth subscribing to.

YouTube is also at the forefront of my mind. I have been partnering with a bunch of cruelty free beauty brands and so I want to start bringing that content to life via more how-to videos! Stay tuned and make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel here to stay in the loop for when they launch:


On the more personal front, I just got engaged and my fiancée moved in with me so we are in the process of decorating our little love shack and starting to plan our wedding,” Jessica exclaims!

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A Piece of Advice

“For anyone who’s looking to start a blog or entrepreneurial endeavor YAY!!! I think my biggest piece of advice would be to follow your own heart.  It can be so easy to get so caught up in what everyone else is doing that you can forget your own accomplishments and goals. Remember, you are the only person who can share your point of view and that’s valuable! Stay true to yourself and believe in yourself and surround yourself with people who lift you up and genuinely support you!

Believe it or not, I graduated college and became the branch manager of a financial institution. After about 5 years of my year career, I realized I detested the industry and began to look for ways to transition into the fashion industry. Thankfully, my honesty with my District Manager was well-received and he allowed for me to work part-time at the branch while working part time as a sales associate at Jimmy Choo and eventually at a modeling agency.

After 2 years I had made a full transition into the PR and Marketing world. If anyone reading this is looking to leave the corporate world, keep in mind that when you transition into a completely different field be prepared to take a pay cut. Instead of focusing on the money, I began taking opportunities based on the experience I could gain to help my own business such as InDesign, Photoshop and Word Press.

For the next two and a half years I held three different positions for that very reason. First is was Social Media Manager at the nations 2nd largest RV company’s, and then it was Director of Communications for launch of InMexico Magazine, a luxury lifestyle print publication…then took the leap to become a full-time content creator and blogger.  There are nights I don’t sleep, at times I might be broke AF…but found a calling that speaks to my soul,  and keeps me engaged every single day, and that is priceless.” -Jessica Hunter

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Jessica Hunter founder of Chic & Disheveled