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Zia Domics

A part of adopting your own style sometimes involves seeking inspiration from others. Hence the whole reason for fashion blogs! In the beginning phases of finding your own style, you may search for blogs that give you a step by step guide to how to create a style built for all the elements of you. But once you learn the basic on which to build your style, you’ll probably start to want to find content that’s built more for inspiration than procedure. That’s exactly the foundation that Zia Domics blog. “I want to own a boutique and I learn right way that I am not equippe with the gene to tell others how to dress. I can only dress myself and hope that people can derive some ideas and inspiration from what I wear. That’s why I love blogging!” Zia says.

Zia Domics:Zia not only looks to inspire others, but often

is inspired

by other fellow bloggers. When Zia is seeking inspiration,

there are three bloggers that she always go to. And if

you are in need of fashion inspiration, you should check

them out too!

THE STYLE BUNGALOW:  The style Bungalow is ran by South Florida resident, Stephanie. Her style is simple, classy and trendy. For those who like loose and flowy clothing, Stephanie shows us all how to take free flowing clothing and make them as sexy as tight form fitting clothing. Her style is great for seeking inspiration for a nice beach vacay or a sweet date in the park.


THE MARCY STOP: The Marcy Stop is run by Brooklyn based artist, Laura Gould. If you want to add more adventure to your style, The Marcy Shop is the place to go! Laura’s style is outgoing and has a lot of flare. She creates looks for everything from the hustle and bustle of city living or for those moments when natural and adventure calls. Her unique accessories will inspire you to take a risk and try new things to complete your look!

CAROLINETHECITY: Caroline the City is a page ran by Paris native, Caroline. Caroline is take world tourist attire to a new, trendy level. Her style caters to those looking to travel in style. Her outfits are comfy yet stylish and will capture the attention of people all over the world. If you can learn anything from Caroline, it’s that a tourist look is almost never complete without a hat or a pair of sunglasses! Her European influence makes her looks clean and simplistic, but nonetheless, stunning!