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The fashion industry is so captivating; filled with creative and expressive people.

Whether it was on a full page spread in Vogue magazine or from the top ten MTV music video countdown, for many of us, it opened the doors to a whole new world.

Remember your first recognition of real of style?

For Barnette Holston, it may not have been Vogue or MTV, but it was GQ that opened his eyes to the world of fashion. Speaking with Barnette, he recalls being just 12 years old when he took his first glance at GQ and from that point on he was hooked. “I remember discovering GQ and wanting to dress like the guys in the magazine. That was the point when my mother realized she wasn’t going to be able to pick out clothes for her little boy anymore,” Barnette says while slightly chuckling.

Intrigued by Barnette’s unique style and the passion he has for fashion, I just had to learn more. Luckily Barnette was all game for a little Q&A and I was fortunate to extend our convo a little. I just had to know how he chose the direction he has went with his own stylings, but also how he played into encouraging others to finding their own style!

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Where did you get your sense of style?

Now while GQ inspired Barnette to take a little action of his own, he can’t deny that his parents pointed him in the right direction. When I asked him was it anything about his upbringing that inspired him to get into fashion, his response was simple, his parents. “Both of my parents had unique sense of style and were always giving me advice. They taught me how to care for the things I owned so that they would last longer,” Barnette says.

“My mom is very stylish and always strives to find looks that not everyone was wearing. She’s also sensible about looking for good quality items at reasonable prices. Several years ago, I remember she saw a gown in a fashion magazine that she loved that was really expensive. She saved that picture and kept it in a drawer. One day she saw it in a store at a deep discount and was able to get it. That gown is still in her wardrobe,” Barnette continues.

As for Barnette’s dad, classic would be the key word for him. “ While he followed the trends of the time, he’d also invest in pieces that were more timeless. Some of them have worked their way into my wardrobe. For instance, I still wear his double breasted tuxedo that he purchased in the late 60’s. I also still wear his cashmere overcoat he picked up on Saville Row in London. The quality of these items are amazing and still look great today,” Barnette details.

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Describe your style.

After learning a little background on Barnette, it’s clear where his sense of style derives from. As he walks in the room, you can see that he puts time into telling his story through his clothing. His style appears to be classic, but your eyes are drawn to the small quirky details that he adds. He definitely likes a clean polished looked, with every article of clothing tailored to the “T.”  Not to mention, he’s not afraid to throw in one of his signature pieces to complete the look. “There’s something to be said about showcasing a signature piece to show off a bit of personality. Items that you might think wouldn’t work but paired with the right pieces and worn with confidence can create amazing noteworthy looks,” Barnette elaborates!

How do you inspire others?

Through building his personal style, Barnette was able to express himself and show off his personality. With his outgoing vibes, it makes it hard not to gravitate to him! That is why he has so much success in the blogging industry. But it’s not just showing off his style. It’s more about being able to inspire others to do the same. “The fact that people come to me for fashion and shopping tips has been very rewarding. I had two main reasons for starting my site. The first being, I wanted to prove that there is great style in Washington, DC,” Barnette says while we laughed. You have to admit, when you think of style DC isn’t probably one of the first places that comes to mind, but Barnette has certainly changed my opinion upon that. “Secondly,” continues Barnette,” I want to give guys the confidence to learn to develop their own sense of style. I totally believe my motto, You too can be a fool for fashion! A picture is worth  thousand words. I think I can put together a great look and show guys how they might wear it or incorporate something similar in their wardrobe.”

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Barnette Holston