Devin McGovern Instagram Picks will inspire fashion lover

Devin McGovern Instagram Picks

Fashion blogger Devin McGovern takes pride in sharing his stories of adventure and fashion. He does this in hopes of inspiring others. But, every now and then he needs a little inspiration of his own. Where is the place to go for inspiration? For Devin it’s Instagram!

Instagram allows you to get close and personal with others. It allows a platform where everyone can have a voice and reach audiences.  It allows for people to express themselves in any way that they wish to. Therefore, of course Instagram leaves room for a great amount of creativity that will inspire many. For Devin, there is a long list of people who inspire him. Here are some of his favorite accounts!LUX Magazine IMG_0481-800x800 Devin McGovern Instagram Picks will inspire fashion lover

Mysterious of Devin McGovern Instagram Picks

@marlenevmartinez: Of course Devin couldn’t create a list of his favorite instagram accounts without including his other half! Marlene Martinez is not only a blogger but also the lovely fiance of Devin. With some of the same focuses as Devin’s blog, Marlene likes to display adventure and fun. Her blog is very classic. Simple things like donuts (which happens to be one of her favorite things to post pictures of) come to life from the different perspectives she captures them with the photography. She takes a simplistic approach and lets the pictures tell the story themselves.

@whaleysworld: Whaley’s style definitely takes a thing or two from the old western, however he gives it a modern twist. He shows that a cowboy can get down and dirty but also be stylish doing so. He also love to bring in vintage accessories to his modern day look.

@cuffington: This account is one every man should follow. Nate, who runs the account, definitely knows style. This page in particular is focused on men’s casual wear. Here you can find all the tools you need to put together a perfect look that will show that you’re dressed to impress while keeping it comfy. This is also the place to go for men to find denim trends and how to style them.

@franciskenneth: Francis Kenneth is definitely one of the badasses of the industry. Devin McGovern does not go by the rules and does his own thing. He dresses however he wants, even if that means pairing a tie with jeans and sneakers.  is fearless when it comes to style and encourages others to do the same!

@brandonburkphotography: “A-frame cabins, hiking, leather goods, bags, indie music, FJ Cruiser, hats, denim, flannel, boots, mountains, ranches, lakes & canoes,” Brandon Burk’s bio says it all. He enjoys the simple things in life and photographing their beauty. Its simple yet captivating.

@parkeryorksmith: As an editor for a fashion magazine company, you know that Parker York Smith is always dressed to impress and his instagram definitely shows it. Parker knows the keys to looking flawless whether it’s in a suit and tie or just a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He also sets a high standard with the background scenery he is able to capture in each photo. He is eye candy for the women and a personal style inspiration for men. This account is a must follow!

@johnthebaptistla: A combination of good looks, food and outstanding photography. Its definitely one that catches the eye. John’s style is cool and sleek. As a GQ insider, his account is up to standard!

Devin McGovern Instagram Picks are perfect example of best fashion style.