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Josephine Ellen is an urban chic fashion blogger that has unique style and flare. She uses her blog as a platform to give others ideas about how they can update their personal style. Josephine understands that for many, finding their own personal style can be a struggle. However, Josephine has some words of advice for those wanting to revamp their style. Regardless of where you seek inspiration, Josephine has 3 rules to polishing up any style and making it work for you.

“Tailor your clothes. Or just make sure you buy clothes that flatter and fit well! Compromise won’t do you much good here.”

Well-fitting clothes are key to making you look and feel better. They accentuate your positive features and can hide those that you are not confident in!

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When finding your personal style, you don’t want to go overboard.

2. Don’t over accessorize or with too many colors. It’s okay to step outside of your comfort zone, however try subtle changes and work your way up. Keeping things simple allows people to be more receptive of the message you are trying to convey with your outfit and allows your personality to shine through!

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3. “BUY A STEAMER. Clothes look cheap and sloppy when they’re wrinkled. Having a steamer by your closet eliminates those wrinkles in a flash so you step out looking fresh and sleek!” A steamer is a good way to make old clothes look practically new. Steamed clothes look more polished and shows that you care about how you present yourself. It also helps with the fit of the clothes, shows the detailing in how the clothes were made and simply just look better!

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