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Linoya Friedman’s travels has molded her view of fashion & how to express her personal style

21 year old Linoya Friedman is a fashion and lifestyle blogger. She takes inspiration from her travels in order to create new styles to share among her followers. Even with hitting a few bumps in the road, Linoya proceeded to turn her passions for fashion, blogging, and traveling into a career she could run with. Ultimately her goal is to use her passions as a way to give inspiration to others and build a brand that people can turn to for fashion, traveling, and overall lifestyle advice.

“Every day, I see comments that say I inspire people, and this is my ultimate goal.”

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Blogger Beginnings

At the age of 15, Linoya was bit with the fashion bug and has maintained that passion for fashion ever since. Linoya and her family, who resided on the country-side near Tel Aviv, Israel, often took spontaneous trips across the globe. The most impactful trip for Linoya was transitioning from Israel to the United States’ very own fashion capital, New York City. This is what initially sparked her interest in the fashion industry. Linoya also found herself intrigued by blogs that she would read and follow. She recalls thinking to herself, ” hmmmm, if the rest of the fashion bloggers can make a career out of what they love, then why can’t I? “

 After taking a few years to learn more about the behind the scenes action of blogging, Linoya created her own blog, ‘Fashion is my Accent.’ She sought the help of her sister Hillit, who does the photography work to capture the many different looks and styles that Linoya creates. Just 7 months since the start of ‘Fashion is my Accent’, Linoya has already developed a good following and has even collaborated with top brands such as LuxBox Case, Christian Paul, Soludos, Slone & Tate and many more. She uses her blog as a means to help introduce new styles into peoples lives, drawing inspiration from her travels around the world.

Study Hard, Play Hard

Of course success didn’t just come over night for Linoya. In fact one of the biggest obstacles that she faced was a few years back when she first started blogging. She decided that she needed to stop and take some time to educate herself a little. “…Something just didn’t feel right,” Linoya says. “It took more time to fully understand how to make it in social media, and by the time I got the hang of it, I relaunched my blog,” Linoya continues. In turn, taking the time to learn new things about blogging is what guaranteed success in her relaunch. “Learn to have patience, because [a] career does not happen overnight, ” Linoya advises.

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Fashion Forward Future

Despite Linoya’s initial success just 7 months into creating ‘Fashion is my Accent’ , she hopes to continue to build her brand as she progresses. While fashion and sharing her styling expertise is the focus of her blog, she hopes to be able to provide life and travel advice as well. She plans to continue her own travels and use that as a means not only to continue to increase her following base but also gain insight on other fashions around the world. “I can’t wait to wander around the world and explore new places with new fashions,” Linoya exclaims.

“If you like a certain location, don’t be afraid to go back there often.”

I see you are from Tel Aviv, what are the difference in how style and fashion is viewed in Israel vs in the States?

I consider myself as a New Yorker. I grew up in the country side next to Tel Aviv, but moved to the states when I was 15. Before I moved, all I really cared about was surfing and the beach, and when I moved to New York I learned more about the benefits a big city has to offer. Just like the big cities in the States and how fashion is viewed there, the same thing could be said about Israel.
There sure is more awareness of fashion in Tel Aviv than in other parts of Israel, yet I still consider NYC and LA as better fashion capitals. There is just more inspiration for me personally. Yet of course Israel has its own unique style, that I also take a lot of inspiration as well.

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What’s been the most rewarding part of your journey so far?

Being able to share my fashion and lifestyle with my followers.

Tell me about your typical work day?

– Morning: I love my morning workout. I usually wake up and drink some tea, get dressed in my workout clothes, have a pre workout snack and head to the gym. Healthy lifestyle is the best! I would then schedule my day (it changes a lot).

– Afternoon: depends on my assignments. Nowadays I have more free time since I just graduated, and I invest a lot of time working on my website as well as side projects. I would also go to the beach, or just hang out.

– Evening: I usually spend my evenings with family or friends (or both). It really changes on my location! 2 weeks ago I was in LA, so I spent all my time with one of my favorite persons cruising by the coast or simply checking out everything LA has to offer. 3 weeks ago I was on a mad shopping spree around New York. Bottom line is, that my schedule always changes, but I always love to hang out and explore new places!

– Night: I’m really not a party person. I would rather stay in, or go out for a restaurant, movie, drive, anything! I just don’t like parties or clubs. I think beauty sleep is super important and so I usually go to sleep by midnight (not quite recently, jet lag haha).

What advice would you give to a young person today that wanted to follow a similar career path?

“Stay true to yourself and to your own style. Don’t follow trends just because they are ‘in.’ Be who you are and learn how to dress like it!”

Linoya Friedman



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