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“My mother used to say that I started “arguing” with her about what I wanted to wear before I could speak, so there’s that.” -Sylvia Colella

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For as long as she can remember, Fashion has always been Sylvia Colella’s thing. But recently, Sylvia decided to take her interest in fashion to the next level. Starting up her own blog, Sylvia has been able to reflect her interest in fashion, lifestyle, travel and wellness related subjects. She also works with brands to promote their goods and/or services to her followers across these platforms. “I’ve always been a creative, I just happened to find the right venue to express said creativity rather late in life,” Sylvia says.


Sylvia’s style packs a lot of flare. She describes her style as “bold but effortless, classic with an edge.” I would certainly agree. She takes timeless looks and brings them up to modern speed. She isn’t afraid to throw in a pop of color but can also pull off stunning all black ensembles.

A lot of what influenced Sylvia’s style was the time that she spent in Paris. “The many years I lived in Paris definitely influenced my outlook and style, and my mother. The rare times we got along usually involved department stores and my dad’s credit cards (she was terrible with money),” Sylvia declares.


Sylvia gets rewards out of what she does. Her favorite happens to be the amazing people she gets to meet “ love meeting and working with fellow creatives, and collaborating with brands is really exciting,” Sylvia exclaims!

However, many of her achievements stem from things outside of her career. When I asked her what were her biggest accomplishments so far this is the list she rattled off:

My two sons, Nelson (22) and Pierce (14)

My marriage

Beating breast cancer

Building a business

And resisting carbs on a regular basis

Those are all great things to have achieved and in turn they keep Sylvia motivated to continue to build even greater things.

“Stay curious, take risks, be kind, laugh often.”- Sylvia Colella

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Think about the 80/20 rule; if you get 80% of your impact from 20% of what you do, what is that 20% for you as it pertains to developing and expressing your personal style?

I hope that I express confidence and joie de vivre. I always say that a smile is a woman’s best accessory (but a good bag and killer heels don’t hurt).

What about discovering new styles to incorporate into your look and style?

I don’t actively search for new styles, meaning that I don’t follow trends, but I’m always inspired by streetstyle, and/or what other people are wearing on instagram, for example. But to me the key is to know what your own style is, and to stick with it.

What style/fashion accessory is your favorite?

A smile (more on that above).

If you can/could consider yourself an expert in one area of style/fashion, what would it be?

Effortless Parisian chic.

Sylvia Colella