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It’s truly amazing how one opportunity can be life changing. One minute you’re just a girl seeking a decent job, the next you are one of Sweden’s biggest fashion influencer. This was the case for Nina Campioni, the influential and popular fashion journalist. Her life changing chance was offered by one of Sweden’s largest print companies, Aftonbladet, and since then she has not turned back!

Inspired by her story, Nina’s journey actually started very similar to mine. So, it was no surprise that we instantly connected. Nina began writing fashion columns for a startup magazine called Sofis Mode back in 2007, which she didn’t know at the time would launch her into a full blown career. Propelled by one of Sweden’s biggest print companies, Sofis Mode instantly became popular which helped to establish the younger writer in the fashion industry with huge impact. Fast forward ten years later, Nina is now considered an expert and her opinions are highly valued.

“Fashion has always been one of my passions! I have been working as a fashion journalist since 2007 and am considered an expert in the field. Typically, I am asked to comment on trends and big fashion events such as fashion week and the Oscars etc for Swedish television and other media outlets.

I also do lectures and talks on upcoming trends and the future of fashion. Since blogging became a thing, I also write my fashion blog on ELLE magazine which ultimately led to me also becoming an influencer when it comes to fashion and lifestyle.

I’m also very passionate about the environment so, I also tend to talk and write a lot about the brands that are working hard to close the loop and products that have a low impact on the environment. I think as a fashion journalist you have to cover that big aspect of the industry,” Nina elaborates, giving me a little more background on herself.

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Passion for Fashion

After learning that fashion was always something that interested Nina, I asked her when did she first start to feel passionate about style? “I guess it goes back all the way to when I browsed through my moms magazines as a child,” Nina begins to recall. “ I remember looking at the pages and thinking that it all looked so glamorous and adult. But it wasn’t until I was a teenager that I really felt like fashion spoke to me – I became really interested in different subcultures and how music and fashion goes together. I am really passionate about music and so the subcultures fascinated me. I tried everything from being a hip hop-girl and a skater chic to punk rock and indie pop girl. I loved them all and the different codes and labels that you had to know to be considered part of the “family”. It was first then that I understood how important fashion could be, both politically and showing the world what type of person you are. It’s very powerful,” she continued.

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“My mom has always been the vintage queen and to this day we always go second hand-shopping together. We also try to sell our own stuff at flea markets in the summertime. It’s so much fun. Vintage and second hand has a huge place in my wardrobe, I love to mix new and old together, for sure I got that from my mum. But it’s also a political statement, If we all got better at pro-longing the life of our clothes – resell, recycle or just use them more – we would do SO much for the environment. And the passion for the environment is also something I got from my parents.” -Nina Campioni

Nina’s Style

Nina doesn’t just have the eye for style, she certainly practices what she preaches. Nina’s style is pretty simplistic, but still very chic. “ Since I am a scandinavian obviously I am part of the scandi minimalist chic vibe that we have going on up here. Though I’m not all the way to Elin Kling-minimalistic-perfection I definitely do have the “less is more”-mantra tattoed in my brain since birth,” Nina describes.

However, this look wasn’t always Nina’s go to. But that’s the beauty of fashion, it’s always evolving as we grow and evolve ourselves. “As always evolving. Before I became a mom I had the usual “fashion industry style”, you know, all black every day. I was kind of a rock n’ roll type of gal, leather pants, boots, the tougher the better. But my style has drastically changed since I got my daughter. All of a sudden the wardrobe is much more colorful and bright. Your style doesn’t have to be only ONE thing. For me style is progress and something that never stops.  I’ve always been more of a pants-girl than a dressy-girl so naturally there is a lot of denim in my wardrobe and I will always be fascinated by the 60s and 70s flowery dream style even though I don’t act on that all the way,” Nina says.

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What can you tell me about the fashion industry that most people don’t know and would be surprised about?

– Speaking out of the Stockholm fashion industry I think a lot of people would be surprise that it’s such a nice and generous industry. 99% of the people are easy, sweet, warm and not at all stuck-up, difficult or posh divas that people tend to think the fashion world is run by. Here everyone knows everyone and even though there is competition between everyone, there is also genuine love, companionship and a lot of girl power!

In sweden there is also a law that says that if you are a influencer or journalist you have to be transparent with what you are writing. So if I get paid to promote a product, by law I have to write “This blogpost in written in collaboration with XX”. I think this is brilliant since it creates a trusting relationship between the writer and the reader and that is something that a lot of people outside of sweden get suprised by. No fake news here.

Think about the 80/20 rule; if you get 80% of your impact from 20% of what you do, what is that 20% for you as it pertains to developing and expressing your personal style?

– I would say writing my blog in general. It’s probably more at 40% of what I do on a weekly basis but about 20% of the posts that I write is the type of posts that will also change me and not only give a service to the reader but also gives me a lot as well and those are posts were I am very open about my life and my toughts and feelings. These posts are usually very popular and drives people to comment and discus, so definitly this is something that makes me grow both as a human being and also as a influencer. I would want to do those posts more often but they tend to take time to write and it’s difficult to put yourself out there all the time. These posts rarely involves fashion though, it’s more about life in general. But when your person grow usually your fashion grows with it – it’s all connected!

Can you give me a tutorial on how people can best incorporate that style/fashion advice in their life?’

There is just crazy much you can do, everything from reading the labels and choosing eco cotton when possible, to learn all the new and exciting brands and material that are kind to mother nature and also maybe most importantly is to actually USE the clothes you buy. The number of clothes bought and never used is staggering and if we could just learn to actually look into our wardrobes before we go shopping for another party top then that would make a huge impact. Did you know that the fashion industry is second most dirty industry when it comes to environmental impact – the only industry dirtier is oil! Crazy right? Also another easy piesy tip is that once you are done with a garment, tired of it or it might be broken or stained – find a new life for it. If you just don’t like it anymore then sell it or give to charity. If its broken, fix it. If it’s beyond saving, recycle it. There are tons of stores, like H&M, that collects garments for recycle so that our old clothes can become something else. Closing the look people, thats the future of fashion!

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Nina Campioni