Keeping up with the Game

Staying ahead of the game is the best way to succeed in the world. So it’s no surprise that the fashion industry successes that we have the pleasure of speaking to have a few tricks up their sleeves to keep them on the right track.

Check out this list of tools that help these fashion experts stay on top of their game!

LUX Magazine ieu8qq9p2_assets-analytics-1200x686 Keeping up with the Game

I love Iconosquare to keep up with Instagram, it makes it easier to answer comments when you can do it on the desktop and not on the mobile phone. I am a statistics nerd so I am always connected to google analytics to see what my readers like and what they do on my blog. What else, oh, my memory really suck so my electronic calendar is the only way to survive, I put everything in there, from meetings to reminders that I have to book a restaurant. I need reminders for everything! -Nina Campioni

I love physically writing things down, it motivates me to get things done. I’ve never really used my phone as my planner, so I have a cute little planner that helps me stay organized and makes me feel at ease knowing that all my important information is in one place. I personally don’t use any phone apps because it stresses me out having to constantly look at my phone so I use a traditional calendar and a plain notebook to write down all my current and future projects. -Yasmin Elzomor

LUX Magazine photo-1501556466850-7c9fa1fccb4c?auto=format&fit=crop&w=401&q=80 Keeping up with the Game

The internet – Always a good starting point. Photoshop Elements – Help make my photo’s pop. Other  blogs/Instagram – For inspiration. -Barnette Holston

Laptop – my life’s work haha. iPhone – communicate and connecting, we have a love, hate relationship. Matcha Tea – not a tool but an essential product to focus better and improve brain function. -Sul

LUX Magazine C2bKkqZiQHO._UX968_TTW__ Keeping up with the Game

Evernote: An oldie but still my favorite way to store my notes and favorite articles. Timely: I work similarly to a freelancer now and this app makes scheduling and time-tracking so simple. Grammarly: Corrects grammar mistakes and improves my writing! -Tricia Chen

LUX Magazine grammerly Keeping up with the Game