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Modish, fab, and fashionable, Julie Thai is your go-to for minimal fashion tips and lifestyle guides. The internet sensation’s Instagram account is where she shows the world her vision in primarily black and white colors. Realizing how much she loves kids, the Brigitte Bardot fan hopes to positively impact their lives in some way. She loves helping people “so hopefully that can flourish into something amazing”.

Julie has quite a pluralistic portfolio like the majority of hardworking digital entrepreneurs today. She is a content creator, photo stylist, and a minimal enthusiast. When she’s not in class and online, she enjoys interior decorating and being inspired by fashion. Julie, take it from here, will you?

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When I’m not busy with school and academics, I like to dedicate my time to fashion/lifestyle blogging and posting content on social media. Influencing was something that slowly but unintentionally occurred over time for me, as a result of being active on Instagram. As for vlogging, I generally try to film whenever I’m traveling or doing something noteworthy.

In the beginning

I’ve actually already had my blog about 8 years ago, so that’s something that was recently reintroduced back into my life. During that time, my blog wasn’t how I had envisioned it to be and I didn’t have anybody taking photos of my looks, so I decided to put that on hold. As of now, my blog is fully active and running.

For Instagram, it started as a way for me to just be updated with my close friends. Later on, I began using it as a creative outlet and even promoted vintage clothes and DIY shorts that I was selling at the time. I would promote the pieces by doing flat lays or modeling them in outfit-of-the-day photos, and somehow that led to the number of followers accumulating. Fasting forward to now, my Instagram page is presently a collection of minimal fashion, refined flat-lays, and a strict color scheme of primarily black and white.

Back when I was still attending high school, specifically during the summer transitioning to junior year, I was exposed to fashion bloggers and Lookbook.nu, which really sparked my interest in blogging and creatively inspired me in all different aspects. I essentially wanted to have a place for me to express my vision, as well as keeping a daily log of my days, which I found through blogging and Instagram.

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“I wanted to have a place for me to express my vision”

– Julie Thai

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Growing up, I considered my parents as being very on-trend during their era. I still like flipping through their old photo albums from time to time just to see their outfits. They wore it all, from leggings and chunky motor jackets to cropped tops and high-waisted shorts. It’s interesting to see all of the pieces they used to wear still being worn in today’s wardrobe.


In a decade, I’m hoping to have a steady and financially stable job that makes me ecstatic, so much that it won’t even feel like work. For my job, I can see myself perhaps interior designing on the side while also being an elementary teacher. People think it’s very arbitrary for me to take interest in becoming a teacher, considering that I’m so involved in what I’m doing now and the two seem to be at opposite poles of the spectrum. As much as I enjoy interior decorating and being inspired by fashion, I love kids as well and I’d like to be able to positively impact their lives in some form or way.

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“Growing up, I considered my parents as being very on-trend during their era. I still like flipping through their old photo albums from time to time just to see their outfits. They wore it all”

– Julie Thai

Industry icons

I find Brigitte Bardot very appealing and impeccable, especially during the 50s and 60s era. She’s always tastefully dressed and I believe that she lived through the most classy and fashionable period.


I just hope to be able to inspire others as to how others have inspired me, and hopefully, that can flourish into something amazing.

Reason for vlogging

I’ve always loved video editing. I can spend hours on it, just getting the right clips and music to match with the atmosphere of the video. I can be very meticulous when it comes to editing as well. Whenever I make a video officially live, I most likely have already watched it at least 60 times. I haven’t been vlogging actively as I’d like to, but I’m in the process of bringing more meaningful content to my channel.

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I’ve always loved wearing neutrals, but I’ve definitely been gravitating more towards black these days, just because I find it a lot easier to mix with different outfits and pieces of clothing. At the moment, I would consider my style as contemporary, minimal, and moderately goth I suppose, since I wear black 95% of the time.

I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a minimalist; I’m still in the progression of trying to get there. I’m looking forward to achieving minimalism and maintaining it as a permanent lifestyle, especially since I’ve always been a semi-hoarder when it comes to clothing. I love the concept of minimalism, just the whole idea of eliminating excessive clutter and sticking to just the necessities that will enrich and bring more meaning to your life. No one likes stress but I definitely prefer to be stressed out over more significant things, rather than owning too many clothes.

Favorite fashion accessory

At the moment, my favorite accessory is the choker. When paired with the right clothing, I like that a velvet or silk choker makes every outfit look instantly chic and well put together.

Style expertise

I’d like to think that I’m pretty good at mixing and matching a favorite item in my closet to make it look different every time it’s worn.

Fashion philosophy

You don’t have to create different looks by having distinctive pieces all the time. For instance, you can have just a simple piece of clothing (e.g. a white blouse) and use that as your foundation and alter the look by adding different layers, such as bottoms, jackets, accessories, and shoes.

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Julie Thai