The Storyteller | Lauryn Evarts

The Storyteller | Lauryn Evarts

“At my core, I am a story teller. And when it comes to my self-expression, I tell my story through style and entertainment. Blog post, films, on camera hosting, and social media are my mediums. And by telling my story, I inspire to connect and share my values with other people.” -Lauryn Evarts

Right off the bat, I could feel the enthusiasm when Lauryn speaks. As a storyteller, Lauryn’s personality draws your attention and you just have to hear what she has to say.


Lauryn Evarts is nothing short of amazing. Actress, fashion enthusiast and an inspiration to others, Lauryn takes on many roles.  She handles what may seem to be a demanding career effortlessly. After all, work is not really work when you’re doing the things that you love most.

“I am an actress first and foremost. Acting is my first love and is one of the ultimate forms of storytelling.  Film and television encompass all aspects of storytelling. As a child, I would write plays and act them out for my family.

I participated in church plays throughout my youth but in high school I stopped acting for a while. I was way too shy to put myself out there. But now, I’ve gotten to do some really cool short films. Currently, I am a part of new featured film project. I can’t say too much on that right now, but  I’m super excited for it,” Lauryn shares.

While film projects are something that Lauryn does here and there, I was shocked to hear that her “day job” is even better! “ I also do on camera hosting for disney style. It’s fun because I’m not creating a different character. This character is very much myself. I would even say that it’s the persona of myself amplified, which is great.

Another thing I love about hosting is that it’s never really about you when host, it’s about making sure the subject is the hero. When you are interviewing, you want to make sure you guide the conversation, guide the narrative, engage the person you’re talking to, and engage the audience. It’s a lot of working parts, but hosting has been such a great experience and great practice for big screen projects. Plus, working with everyone at Disney is great as well,” Lauryn exclaims!

“Acting is both the most rewarding and scariest thing I do.” – Lauryn Evarts


It certainly wasn’t hard for me to see that acting is something that Lauryn is really passionate about and as she continued to share her story, she carried that same enthusiasm.

“I tell different facets of my life through my personal style and posts that I share with people. I hope that with me sharing my experience, people will find some value out of it. Whether it’s a laugh or finding a new tip or being exposed to a brand that they really want to use. I hope it makes their life more happy, more joyous, and more fun.

One thing that I do is partner with amazing and like minded brands and review their products. I share my experience with that brand, my blogging audience, and my social media followers,” Lauryn says. This not only gives her the opportunity to express her views and opinions, but it also gives her the ability to impact a brand through giving them her honest opinions and giving them great exposure to her following.

I don’t like to call my audience followers. I call them my best friends because I at least try to speak to them as if I am talking to my bestfriend. I say things like “ Hey, you guys should check out this product, I tried it and I love it. I think you will too,” Lauryn reveals one of the ways she really tries to connect with her audience.

“Inside of me, I have my own brand that I would like to create. I have my own vision for my life. I have my own voice and I realize that my voice is valuable and meaningful and connects with other people. Once I realized that, I couldn’t go back.” -Lauryn Evarts

Personal Style

Lauryn has such a fun and bright style. While she isn’t afraid to dabble on the wild side, her style isn’t too over the top. In fact, she prides herself on letting her style flow effortlessly which allows her style to swing so many ways. But, for the sake of answering my question, Lauryn was able to create a box to categorize her style.

“I would say that my style is fairytale romantic meets bohemian hipster. I love to pair high and low end items. It’s very downtown chic meets uptown glam. I love faux fur and pearls and sequence and soft fabric. And I’m not afraid to mix fabrics. I also love a good blazer with a vintage tee and distressed jeans. I’ll pair it with heels, flats, wedges, motorcycle boots or whatever! Not to mention that silk dresses with floral print are sort of my jam right now. I like to look put together but not too polished because I really believe style is an extension of your personality and mood. It should reflect that. Effortless chicness is always great. That look like you just rolled out of bed like this. To be effortless is the best look ever,” Lauryn describes.

Just to put it in perspective, Lauryn’s style is often inspired by some pretty fashionable people. Sanna Miller, Zoe Kravitz, Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe, just to mention a few of the names that came to mind for her.

But ultimately, the true fashion icon that inspires her is her mom! “My mom was my first and still is my favorite fashion icon. She just knows how to put a look together. I still go home and steal her jewelry and clothes. She’s just the coolest person ever and has great style. She’s the definition of effortless,” Lauryn lovingly shares.

“Style is saying who you are without opening your mouth.” -Lauryn Evarts

Lauryn Evarts