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“Take fashion advice with a grain of salt.

One of my first sayings when I started my blog is ‘if it feels so wrong that it’s right, it probably is!’ Style is so subjective, so don’t be afraid to be the only person in a room rocking a jumpsuit when everyone else is wearing a dress. Take risks, have fun and remember that comfort and confidence are key!” -Jessica Hunter

One of the greatest ways to test the limits of style are to start thrifting! You start seeing clothing so differently and it is a great mental exercise in using your imagination to complete a look.

If you are new to thrifting, check out some of these helpful tips.

Expand your limits.

Once I began expanding my imagination to see beyond all of the ‘who the eff would ever, and I mean, EVER wear/buy/make this crap?!’ kinds of stuff – and I started to see the ‘woah, is that a vintage Zac Posen cardigan?!’ stuff {Once again, not kidding – I scored the Zac Posen  blazer I’m wearing in this post for under $50…#winning}.

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Check for easy fixes on clothing include changing out buttons. Making pants into cut-offs, and cutting up cool t-shirts (check out the men’s section). With furniture, make sure the piece has ‘good bones.  ’ Meaning it’s structurally sound, well-made and all it really needs is a good paint job and perhaps some new knobs or hard-wear.

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Take notes, you may find yourself gravitating towards the same kinds of pieces which indicate a clue about your own ‘signature style’!  For example, in my early thrifting days I opted for accessories like leather bags, or unique belts and my obsession grew from there. I literally scored a vintage Celine belt for $3.50. Yes, it’s real. Yes, I’m sure.

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