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Creator of a popular self-titled blog, Aleali May is a LA native.  This probably explains how someone developed such a dope sense of fashion at a young age. Aleali eventually transitioned from LA to Chicago and went of to attend Columbia Chicago College. While attending school, Aleali found her self working in a Louis Vuitton Store and even went on to work in the Don C and Virgil Abioh RSVP Gallery.

Combining her Filipino and Black heritage, Aleali personal style is a blend of streetwear and luxury items. She often speaks of how her family played a huge part in where her sense of style comes from. She had her mom who she refers to as having a similar style to the beautiful singer Sade, her uncle who first exposed her to the urban side of fashion and her glamorous grandmother who is sort of like the “Beyonce of her family.” With so many influences, Aleali’s style definitely packs complexity. And she brings her style to the limelight through many creative avenues. The best part is that she takes us along for the whole journey through her blog.

Being surrounded by fashion and also being a beautiful young woman, it’s no surprise that Aleali began doing some modeling work shortly after finishing college. But modeling is definitely not where it ends. Aleali took things to the next level when she became celebrity stylist. Her specialization in urban meets fancy makes her the perfect choice for many people in the music industry. She has styled for some really big names in the industry. Everyone from Lil Yachty, 21 savage, Tinashe, Jaden Smith, Kendrick Lamar, and even the Air Jordan brand. The list just goes on!

Oh,  and did I mention she even has her own shoe! Aleali is only the 2nd woman EVER to collaborate with the Nike Jordan brand and create her own shoe (“Air Jordan 1  Aleali May”). She was the first woman to have both men and kids sizes!

Clearly a rising star in the fashion industry, Aleali has gained a lot of popularity on her social media and blogs. She uses her platform to give us a glimpse into her journey. Her blog tells the story of her everyday life (which compared to most of us is so exciting). Here are a few take-aways from her blog that more people should use!

  1. Sometimes less is more! Aleali’s blog isn’t very wordsy. In fact, the only words you will really find is in her “about” section. But her message always gets across. A picture is worth 1000 words. And she uses her pictures to tell her story.
  2. Location, location, location! Aleali travels a lot and she often captures cool scenery in her photos. The backdrop is often an important part of telling her story and you get a good idea of how versatile your personal style can be.
  3. Impactful outfits! Aleali isn’t afraid to make bold fashion choices. She uses her blog to really emphasize taking fashion to the extreme. The details in her outfit definitely exposes the fact that she dresses based on how she is feeling. Her outfits evoke emotion and also is often based around her location too. This adds dimension to the story she is trying to tell.

“When it comes to louboutins, most women purchase heels as their first pair, but I got the sneakers instead,” -Aleali May

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“I want to do this not only for me but for L.A. We don’t have our own Jordan either so I wanted to say, ‘Look I don’t know who’s coming next after me, but let’s capitalize on this moment and make this for the city.’” – Aleali May

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“[My designs are] a representation of my personal style….I blend both luxe and streetwear,” – Aleali May

“Whether or not things are going to be relevant, I am still going to wear bomber jackets, cargo pants, and workwear.” -Aleali May

“Millennial kids, we don’t really dress one way every day anymore. I feel like each person born within this time is super important, every person has their own role, so it’s up to me to keep streetwear and high-end fusion alive. It’s up to the next kid, whatever they believe in, to keep that alive.” -Aleali May