Own style Inspiration | Barnette Holston’s Top Picks

Own style Inspiration

“For a long time, I sought out names and brands of those that have been around for a long time. Now in today’s word, I’m seeing newer or lesser known brands and those that don’t have significant name recognition.  A lot of these newer brands are doing some incredible work which I love. It’s even better when I can show how these new brands’ creations work well with other pieces in my wardrobe.” -Barnette Holston

Our style can be influenced by many different sources. The truth is there’s no “right” answer to where you should find your inspiration. Everyone differs! Whether its classic brands or new trendy designers, you should find those who inspire you and grow your own style. Check out this list of fashion greats, both old and new, that have inspired Barnette along his journey to finding his own style!

I love Tom Ford. He did some amazing work at Gucci and his Own style is incredible. It’s one of those inspirational lines I always love to follow to see what’s coming next.

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I also admire Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani for developing their brands and defining their signature styles that have been around for years and are still relevant today.

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Jeffrey Rudes changed the game  when establishing J Brand, the denim company. Now he’s working his magic with his luxury namesake menswear line.  

David Hart is killing with the collections he’s introduced over the last few years.

Lastly, I love Brett Johnson. His elevated casual looks give new meaning to luxury. (Both Hart and Johnson are products of the Washington metropolitan area like me)