My Icon great influence over the trends we follow

My Icon

Fashion is inspiring. It drives creativity and promotes self-expression. Those who do it best have great influence over the trends we follow and even how we chose to express our own personal style. That’s right, I’m talking about the fashion icons of the world!

From all time classic beauties, to modern day fashionistas and even the best designers in the industry, there are many icons that inspire all of the fashion influencers we have the opportunity to speak with. Check out this list of My Icon that made your favorite fashion infleuncers’ top picks!

Icon ,Rachel Zoe’s style is eclectic but feminine.Most popular and georgious  Betsey Johnson is unapologetic in her quirkiness and her accessories are fun statement pieces. My best icon, Alexander McQueen is so edgy and bold. And lastly, Audrey Hepburn’s style was so elegant and minimal and so true to her –Allison Ruchaber

Youji Yamamoto, Rick Owens, Ellen von Unwerth, Ryan Mcginley.

I am confirm about the latter two are photographers. But they have had an impact on me.

-Atsuna Matsui

Usual suspects Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Armani etc really mainly in the suiting game. I don’t spend much time seeing what the latest trends are from these people apart from brief looks at fashion shows and I’m a believer of people creating their own unique take of what they think looks good. –Steve Tilbrook

The Kardashians may be a very controversial family but there is no denying that they are iconic when it comes to fashion and makeup.  If I need a little inspiration I take a look down Kardashian lane to see what has been put together and what did it for me.  People like Emma Watson always strike a fiercely chic pose. some of my favorite designers are Vera Wang and Ralph Lauren. –Tanner Mann

People who inspire me when it comes to fashion would be Jidenna, Pharrell, Ryan Gosling, Idris Elba Jean Cozier