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Esther Santer has one of the most popular up and coming blogs in the fashion industry. Getting her start in February of 2013, Esther has been at it for 4 years now.  Initially, Esther probably didn’t know exactly how successful her blog would actually be. When she first started, she had one major goal in mind. “I always wanted to go to Fashion Week, so I started a blog and said, “Next season, I’m getting invited,”” Esther says.  Indeed the following season, Esther had received her invite. Not only was this exciting for Esther but it also gave her validation that her blog could be a full blown career.

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“I own a self-titled website,, where I publish outfit photos as a source of inspiration for my readers. I also maintain various social media channels as a way to connect with my followers and share my blog posts,” Esther says. Her will to inspire others through fashion stems from her childhood. As she grew up, she was inspired by her older sisters’ fashion choices. “I have incredibly stylish sisters and they taught me everything I know,” Esther exclaims.

It has been very rewarding for Esther to be able to establish her blog and influence others. However, the most rewarding aspect comes from her having interest in fashion and creating a career from it. “I went from a customer to ambassador of brands I love,” Esther says. And she hopes to inspire others to do so as well.


Esther has learned so much from her journey. She gives advice to all of her followers based on her personal experiences. Looking back on the past, her biggest piece of advice for those looking to start up blogs of their own would be to “focus on the photos and find a photographer to partner up with.” Using this tactic will help create a more astonishing visual appeal. Esther also insists that in order to run a successful fashion blog, your content should be focused on “styling outfits and creating articles that inspire others.”

For those looking to update their looks, Esther has words of wisdom for that too. Her biggest piece of advice would be to “find the styles that look most flattering on you and then accessorize to make them your own. Fit is key,” Esther explains.

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Esther’s brand definitely has a promising future. She plans to continue to expand her brand and travel the world. “I recently rebranded from Louboutin’s & Love to in order to own the name of my brand and never be limited in the companies I can work with. The next 6 months will be completely focused on promoting the new website and establishing as a destination for outfit inspiration and blogging tips,” Esther says. Beyond that, Esther says “In the next 10 years, I would love to have the opportunity to travel the world with brands I love, create capsule collections, and publish a book.” With a set goal in mind and passion to drive her along, Esther will have even greater success to come.

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Who do you consider the icons in the fashion and design industry?

Olivia Palermo and Rachel Zoe are my personal fashion icons.

What’s the next frontier in building your tribe?

I would love to expand into YouTube.

What are you reading these days?

The Great Gatsby (one of my favorite books)

What style/fashion accessory is your favorite?

Shoes and bags are my weakness.

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Esther Santer