How To Always Have The Best Playlists, Ready To Play

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With the hundreds of songs coming out every day, its obvious music is gaining a higher importance in peoples lives. It’s becoming more and more accessible and underground artists are popping up all over. Even your dad has downloaded new music on his iPod and plugs his headphones in from time to time. If this isn’t the case, you probably have one of those friends (or you’re one of them even) that is consistently listening to music. It’s like a life line.  And, if you’re constantly listening to music, it’s hard to not to encounter countless “phone-drops-but-headphones-still-in-ears” scenarios.

They seriously hurt and make listening to music on the go less enjoyable. Or, sometimes you can’t trust the connection between your headphones and your jack (the connector) and you can seriously risk damaging your phone. I mean, your headphones and phone weren’t made for that, so what can you expect? But what your phone and headphones are made for is convenience and bringing your favourite music with you to set a mood wherever you are. Nothing is worse than fiddling with headphones, only to play your music and flip through song after song beginning to get frustrated.

LUX Magazine spotify-playlists How To Always Have The Best Playlists, Ready To Play spotify playlist pandora music itunes iphone apple music

It’s one thing to have your music simultaneously synced across all devices and able to play easily, with good quality headphones or speakers. It’s an entirely different thing to be able to have your music organized and downloaded offline so you always know what to play. Weather it’s during cooking in your kitchen, on a road trip with friends or pumping it out at the gym – this 3 step guide will help you become that person who always has the best music all the time.

Make Your Music Playable

Have you ever forgotten to download a playlist before a long trip, and you’re just looking at it on your phone, unable to play it? Or what about the opposite – you’ve just updated all your playlists and you forgot to grab your headphones before a 6 hour train. Sorry to create this image in your head, because it is seriously THE WORST, but here’s how to avoid it. Weather you’re using the MP3 converter and actually downloading all your music, chances are you’re probably using a service like Spotify or Google Play. These services are amazing, except for when you forget to download a playlist and you either have no data, or are trying to keep your usage on a low (all the Instagraming, I know – it’s hard).

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So, the best way to avoid this is to actually download each song you put onto a playlist automatically for offline listening. This way, for example, if you fall in love with a new song and cannot stop listening to it, you’ll be able to listen to it when you run out to the store to get groceries, or when you’re on the metro to meet your friend later that day. If you’re downloading or buying your music, you’re good to go already with the being able to listen to it offline. Nevertheless, having your music accessible when you want it makes you more likely to listen to your music more, which will make you fall more in love with it and enjoy it even more.

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Make Your Music Portable

Weather or not you’ve splurged on good quality headphones, or are still using a medium or low brand ear-bud headphone, you’re probably in love with the convince of listening to your music on the go. But what happens if you get the new iPhone, which unfortunately does not have a headphone jack? Are you supposed to ditch your $200.00 Bose headphones and use the earbuds you’ve received when purchasing your phone?  If you’ve purchased headphones (the ones that go over your head and ears), you’re probably trying to get away from using ear-buds in your ears (maybe it’s because they don’t fit well, or you’re protecting your hearing because you love to listen to your music loud). So, what are you supposed to do? Luckily, the Konneck Bluetooth Audio Adapter solves this problem. It allows you to convert your non-Bluetooth headphones and speakers into Bluetooth capability. How? Well, the device is basically the size of your pinky figure and extremely light.

All you need to do is plug in your headphones and it connects it just like any other Bluetooth device. Speaking of Bluetooth, making your music portable also means automatically pairing with all your Bluetooth devices, such as your car speakers, your speakers at home, and of course your portable speaker. Although, sometimes your Bluetooth doesn’t work on your speaker, or your car speakers still require the aux cord. And doesn’t it suck being in the back seat having to lean over and text your friends or change the song because your aux cord is super short? That’s another huge benefit of the Konneck Bluetooth Audio Adapter. You can Bluetooth your music to the device, and plug the adapter into the aux jack, so you can have your phone on you, instead of having to bend in weird ways to reach the aux cord.

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But if bending in weird ways is your thing, you can also keep your phone on you when you’re doing just that – and by that I mean working out or jamming out to your favourite tunes. With the SlimClip Case you can clip  your phone onto you waist band and go completely hands free. Plus, if you have the new iPhone and are still using your headphones, just clip the adapter onto your shirt or beside your waistband and you’re 100% hands free, WITH your music. Talk about mobility, right?

Make Your Playlists Lovable

As mentioned beforehand, it’s likely that you’re using Spotify or Google Play, or something similar to listen to your music. And,  aren’t they amazing platforms to actually make playlists on? You can download full artists albums and add them to a playlist, or take individual songs from your favorite artists to create a list of your absolute favorite songs. These platforms even suggest similar artists and feature new artists to check out. Talk about accessibility of new music, right? But, why should the search stop there? Going beyond what’s suggested on your Spotify playlist will help you discover tracks that very few have.

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The best way to do this is searching artists similar. Go to Youtube and type in your favorite artists and go to their automatic playlists. Try this out on different platforms, then explores the artists albums on Spotify or Google Play, etc. Another great tactic is “stealing” music from your friends. If you have the same taste, or somewhat similar taste ask them to send you a couple of their favorite artists, and do the same. Or, you can simply transfer downloaded songs on a USB.

Besides, it’s the least we can do for the artists in the music industry right? One more tip if you’re into exploring different types of music is using apps like Shazam is great. This way you can take that song you heard in a café or in your friends car home with you to download later. With the growing genres or music and complete accessibility of it, why not take advantage of it? 🙂

Konneck – Bluetooth Audio Adapter

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