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Entering the fall, we all want to keep up with the latest fall fashions and trends. While our hearts might be in love with the idea of buying everything we come across on the latest fashion blogs. Our wallets may sing a different tune. Trust me, we’ve all been through that struggle, yet there are many ways to stay trendy while on a budget.

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Creative Director and owner of fashion blog ‘Catch Her Style’ Thania Peck has offered her top four budget savers. Use these tips to create the hottest looks of this fall season!

  1. Nordstrom/Macy’s– Large department stores always carries some of the top US brands. Their prices are usually at reasonable rates. They’re easy to find and can be found in just about any mall. They have a variety of options to choose from and the best part is there’s almost always a sale!

Did someone say sale?

Yes! Sales can often reach up to 70% off retail price often.

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Helpful Tip: Try hitting the sales racks. You will primarily find items from the previous season. In this case it will be summer attire. Pair the discounted tanks and crops with a cardigan or light jacket to achieve the ultimate fall look.

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3. Zara/ H&M/ TopShop– These stores won’t have quite as big of a selection as the large department stores. They typically don’t hold the same variety in designers either. But, they hold all the latest trends. They are also located in most malls and are pretty easy to find. If you shop at these locations, you’re not likely to see anything over 100 bucks! These shops are young, trendy and fully stocked with all the greatest seasonal fashions.

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Helpful Tip: Can’t find a physical location? Visit their websites where you can shop online. Their online stores has even better sales. You can often find promotional codes to knock even more off the prices. Worried about shipping fees? No worries. These shops often offer free standard shipping for any orders over $50.

  1. Vintage Shops– Thrifting is every fashion blogger’s little secret. Thrift stores can be a little harder to find, but yet they are definitely available. When thinking of thrifting, “an elderly hobby” is what comes to mind for most people. That’s not the case at all! Thrifting can be a fun and cheap way to create trends of your own. You can find items for ¼ of their original retail value. Vintage stores often carry a variety of clothing items of all  the seasons. It can be harder to determine what the current seasonal trends are. It leaves room for you to put your own twist on fashion.
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Helpful Tip: When thrifting or shopping at vintage stores, let your creative juices flow. Buy a pair of jeans that are slightly bigger than your normal size. Cut them up to create the high waisted, ripped jeans affect. Also find out the days that your local thrift shop, restocks. You’ll get first dibs on all the best things.

And the number 1 budget saver shopping location…

  1.    Your Mom’s Closet– What’s better than spending little money? Spending no money at all! Take a trip to your parents closet where it’s sure to feel like time traveling. But fashion trends always repeat themselves. Chances are, things that are in style now were once the things your parents thought were cool when they were younger. Why is this your best bet? The prices are unbeatable and the store hours are just about unlimited!

Helpful fashions Tip:  Always ask for permission before raiding your mom’s closet. Be sure to always clean and return whatever you use. Follow those two steps and she’ll never say no!