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From initially having a fashion blog to expanding out to many other areas, Shannon Valle has one of the best up and coming blogs in the industry. Shannon uses her blog to reveal tips and secrets on the subjects of fashion, food, beauty, and travels. The variety of topics has given Shannon a mass appeal to attract a large audience and continues to attract more people as she continues to build her brand. “About 5 or 6 years ago, I really wanted to have a lifestyle blog that encompassed everything but I was living with my parents & it quickly turned into a fashion blog. Over the past six months or so though, I’ve finally gotten it to where I want it to be,” Shannon says.

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Shannon has always had an eccentric style. “I grew up in the 90s but a look through my wardrobe would have pointed to a 70s 80s era. I was really into bright colors & intricate prints & flares,” Shannon shares.  However, Shannon’s personal style is always evolving. “My style has definitely developed over the years since blogging but I think it’s the way you present it to your viewer that makes the real impact. You need to work out what people want and what other people aren’t doing then meet in the middle. Sure you can have a great style but if other people don’t relate to wearing it, then you’re not going to make much of an impact,” Shannon expresses.

“I love discovering new things but I incorporate them carefully. If you don’t stay true to your style, I think it comes off really forced & fake. You don’t want to rip off a new style from the runway head to toe.”- Shannon Valle

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Shannon got her start on Tumblr. “I used to have a Tumblr where I reblogged photos but I could hardly find photos or posts worth blogging so I moved over to Blogger. I wanted to create my own posts which were exactly how I wanted them to be,” Shannon explains. Her interest in fashion since her childhood initially led her in the fashion blog direction. “I was always interested in fashion. Even as a child. I’d always wear really outlandish types of outfits. I dressed in really crazy prints often. However, when I went back to Thailand the first time as a teenager, I really started noticing the fashion world. They have weirdly wonderful street style over there. Plus everything was so cheap back then that I could pretty much put together any outfit I wanted for fewer than fifteen bucks,” Shannon details.

Since her start however, Shannon has expanded and now her blog encompasses much more! She has been able to do a lot more traveling and meet a lot of new people. “The blogging world is really saturated now but it’s such a diverse collection of people. You never know what cool & interesting people you’re going to meet,” Shannon says. Some of her favorite life moments have stemmed as a result of her blog. For instance, Shannon was able to travel to Sydney, Australia and had a great surprise there. “I was able to meet Olivia Palermo in Sydney. I think it’s safe to say Olivia Palermo is a huge fashion & style icon. I can’t really work out what it is since her outfits aren’t really crazy or anything but her looks always have this kind of understated panache about them that everyone loves,” Shannon expresses. “I was also published in Vogue Australia which is probably my favorite experience so far. But honestly the fact that I’ve stuck to this blog for so long is my biggest accomplishment,” Shannon elucidates.


Shannon also has big ideas for the future. She plans to travel more and explore new places. “I love shooting in different places, especially different countries & that’s what I’m aiming for over the next few years,” Shannon says. Plus she has been working on some big editorial pieces for her blog. “I really want to get more into the shooting side of things. I actually prefer to be behind the camera, despite what my blog depicts,” Shannon declares. Other plans include working on her analytics. “I really built a following on my Instagram over a few months by working on it but I got lazy over the holidays & it just stopped so now I need to work on that again. You need to put in the work 24/7 otherwise when you stop, everything else does too,” Shannon says.

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What are you reading these days?

Right now I’m reading The Quantum Universe: Everything That Can Happen Does Happen by Brian Cox & Jeff Forshaw & I’m also reading The Quantum Rules by Kunal K. Das & I’ve started reading Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 again. I’m really bad like that, reading a heap of different books at once.

What are your 3 essential productivity tools, how do you use them, and why do you love them?

My iMac & iPhone because they do everything technology wise but they’re kind of a double edged sword; they’re also excellent distractions. I’d say water is the other one. There’s no chance of me doing any work if there’s no water bottle with me.

What style/fashion accessory is your favorite?

Definitely a bag. I feel naked without a bag. It holds everything together so when I don’t have a bag, I don’t have lipbalm, money, mints or a phone either.

If you can/could consider yourself an expert in one area of style/fashion, what would it be?

I think it’s just dressing in general. My friends always drag me around shopping with them so I can pick out their outfits & they tell me that they always get compliments on them so I must be doing something right. I think it’s mostly because I look at proportions when dressing people. Not a lot of people get that right. You can wear an amazing dress but if something else in the look is out of proportion then you’re going to look odd. Unless that’s what you want. Then go for it!

Can you give me a tutorial on how people can best incorporate that style/fashion advice in their life?

Style is such a personal thing. You just have to dress how you feel but if you learn how to dress in proportion, then your outfit is going to look a little bit more extra & that can make all the difference.

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