Copenhagen | Cecille Krog

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and is by far the most populated city in Denmark as well. It metropolitan area has over 2 million inhabitants and attracts a good amount of tourism with over 100,000 guest each year. Planning a vacation anytime soon. This city might be the option for you.

Copenhagen local, Cecillie Krog shares her favorite places to visit in Copenhagen.

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Grab a quick, healthy meal?

Cecillie  suggests the Café Atelier September. They have great brunch and lunch choices. They offer an abundance of options that are healthy and delicious.  

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Enjoy  nature ?

There’s a bunch of parks in this capital. There is The King’s Garden and The Botanic Garden.  Cecillie’s top suggestion is  Dyrehaven (the deer park). It’s just north of Copenhagen, but it’s worth the trip if you happen to visit Copenhagen.  The park resembles a forest. There are deer that rome free throughout the park in Copenhagen. It makes you feel at one with nature.

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See art ?

It has a lot of great museums! Cecilie’s top suggestion is the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. It’s just 40 kilometers away from here in a small city Humlebæk. Humlebæk happens to be the hometown of Cecilie so this museum is near and dear to his heart. The art is outstanding. It gives you a little insight on history through a modern interpretation.

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When it comes to coffee Cecilie really love the chains Emmerys and Original Coffee. They are hands down the best.

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